Sheldon Steps Up To Protect Meemaw In New Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8 Clip



  • Sheldon takes on a new role in Young Sheldon, studying to become Meemaw’s lawyer after her arrest for illegal activities.
  • Fans see a different side of Sheldon in season 7, putting Meemaw’s needs above his own in a heartwarming gesture.
  • Sheldon and Meemaw’s special bond has always been evident, with her unconditional love shaping his character into adulthood.

With only seven new episodes left of Young Sheldon ever, things are heating up for the Coopers. A new Young Sheldon season 7, episode 7 promotional clip shows Sheldon taking action by studying for the bar exam to become his Meemaw’s lawyer. Sheldon’s relationship with his Meemaw has always been special, but throughout all seven seasons of Young Sheldon, it has usually been Meemaw taking care of her Moon-pie (Sheldon). Now, it’s his turn to take care of her.

In Young Sheldon season 7, episode 8, “An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House,” Sheldon studies for the bar exam to help Meemaw’s criminal defense. Watch the clip from CBS’ Official Young Sheldon YouTube account below:

The Young Sheldon season 7 sneak peak shows Sheldon sitting at the Cooper’s kitchen table with a slew of books spread out in front of him. Sheldon informs his father that he’s preparing to become Meemaw’s lawyer and shares some of what he has learned.



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Young Sheldon Season 7 Gives Sheldon A New Responsibility

Iain Armitage as Sheldon in Young Sheldon season 7

Sheldon Cooper steps up to help his Meemaw out in the best way he knows how, by studying and becoming her “smart lawyer.” Young Sheldon season 7, episode 7 saw Sheldon learn about Meemaw’s illegal gambling room after his grandma was arrested.

Initially, it was clear Sheldon had a hard time accepting the news that Meemaw was involved in illegal activities, and he feared what would happen if Meemaw went to jail.



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But in season 7, episode 8, Sheldon appears to take on a whole new role in becoming a lawyer to protect and defend his Meemaw in court.

“Meemaws going to need a smart lawyer. By the time we find one, I can just learn how to do it.”

In the new episode of Young Sheldon, Sheldon behaves a little out of character, in that he is putting someone else’s needs before his own. And fans of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon shouldn’t be surprised to learn it is Meemaw who Sheldon goes out of his way to take care of.

Sheldon And Meemaw’s Relationship Has Always Been Special

Sheldon Cooper and his Meemaw have always shared a special bond. It is shown every time Sheldon speaks of Meemaw in The Big Bang Theory, and it’s been seen in every season of Young Sheldon. While Sheldon is used to being treated with extra care throughout his childhood, it’s his Meemaw he goes to when he’s feeling down or in trouble.



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Meemaw has always approached Sheldon and his unique personality with a sense of acceptance and understanding. She recognizes Sheldon is gifted but struggles with social situations and often extends advice about how to navigate situations. Meemaw’s patience for Sheldon differs from that of his parents and siblings.

Although Meemaw’s relationship with Sheldon hasn’t been a main focus in recent seasons, as Sheldon has grown older, it is evident that Meemaw’s unconditional love is carried through Sheldon’s adult years, as he always speaks warmly of her in The Big Bang Theory, as one of Sheldon’s only emotional connections.


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