Why Tragedy Forced Missy To Change In Season 7


  • Missy Cooper’s rebellious behavior in Young Sheldon season 6 leads to a more caring and maternal role in season 7.
  • After a near-death experience in a tornado, Missy decides to take on new responsibilities and mimic her mother as she matures.
  • Despite her transformation, Missy’s fans doubt her new responsible personality will last, as she learns that being a mother isn’t all fun.

Missy Cooper (played by Raegan Revord) has a new role in the seventh and last season of Young Sheldon. Fans of the CBS comedy believe this explains why Missy Cooper’s appearance on The Big Bang Theory in 2008 was so different.

Missy has always been the sassy member of the Cooper family, but in season 6, she became really rebellious and caused a lot of problems for her family. After being ignored by her parents and favored less than her two brothers, she started to act out and even ran away from home. In season 7, audiences see a different side of the now-teenage girl, who embarked on a more caring role within her family.

After her near-death experience in the tornado, Missy decides to take on new responsibilities and ditch her more rebellious side. But fans don’t think this new personality will last for very long.

In the following, we take a look at how Missy Cooper’s role changed in Young Sheldon‘s final season and how Raegan Revord’s character changed throughout the series. We also reveal whether Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon is portrayed the same in The Big Bang Theory.

Why Missy Cooper Changes In Season 7

Young Sheldon Missy Cooper

The near-death experience during the Medford tornado in the season 6 finale of Young Sheldon appears to have changed Missy Cooper. In season 6, episode 22, “A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring,” Missy and George are trapped and facing death. Since her rebellion, she has struggled to get along with mother, Mary, but has become closer to her father.

While Sheldon is in Germany, the Cooper family’s small hometown is destroyed by a tornado. In the aftermath of the tornado, she promises George Sr. that her era of being a teenage rebel is over. After the incident, Missy Cooper takes on a more maternal role, taking over from the absent Mary to look after her family and home.



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Executive producer Steven Holland tells TV Line, that these changes won’t last long. Missy soon learns that having responsibilities and mimicking her mother isn’t as fun as it seems.

“She’s still a 13-year-old girl. We talked about this a lot going into the [final] season because she had some trouble last season. Where we landed was that after the tornado and that big moment with Dad, it felt like she had turned a little bit of a corner.”

He added that “with Meemaw’s house being destroyed and Mary being away, this was her chance to step up.” But by the second episode of season 7 of Young Sheldon, she starts to “realize that being Mom isn’t quite as fun as it seemed at first.”

Whether she starts to rebel in the upcoming seventh season is uncertain, but based on what audiences know about Missy Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, things will be tough for Missy.

During Georgie’s The Big Bang Theory season 11 debut, he reveals that Missy acted as a “dumb teenager” after their father’s untimely death. If we see George Cooper’s death in the last season of Young Sheldon, it could cause changes that impact the grown-up Missy.

What Missy Cooper Was Like Throughout Young Sheldon

Missy Cooper Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper’s twin sister, Missy, might not be as gifted academically as her brother, but she is very charming and friendly. She shares her brother’s emotional maturity, especially when it comes to relationships and human connections.

“I’m kinda plugged into this town,” she tells her father after revealing a surprising amount of knowledge about the private lives of their neighborhood.

Missy is interested in baseball and loves to flirt with boys. She shows no interest in homework and school work, unlike her twin, and would rather stay at home watching cartoons than study.



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Despite being a fan favorite on Young Sheldon, Missy Cooper often gets the short end of the straw in the comedy. She is “neglected” by her parents, who are usually too busy cleaning up Georgie’s mess or helping with the needy Sheldon. Despite being overlooked by George and Mary, Missy Cooper still makes her mark on the show with her attitude and sense of humor.

It’s currently unknown if Missy will appear in the upcoming Georgie and Mandy spinoff, which will be a continuation of Young Sheldon. In canon, it would make no sense if Missy doesn’t appear.

Is Young Sheldon’s Missy Cooper Personality Different Than Big Bang Theory’s Missy?

Courtney Henggeler in TBBT
Via: CBS

Missy Cooper doesn’t often appear in The Big Bang Theory, but her character feels very different from Missy, who appears in Young Sheldon. Played by Courtney Henggeler, she only appears twice over the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, first in season 1 and then in season 11 for Sheldon’s wedding to Amy. When she does visit her brother on the CBS comedy, Sheldon is more concerned with which of his friends she might date than how he is doing.

In her last appearance, Missy Cooper is pregnant with her and her husband’s second chance despite being on the brink of divorce. An older Sheldon reveals in a voiceover that Missy finds happiness, re-marries and has more children. There are some theories that Missy ended up with Raj (Kunal Nayyar) after the pair reconnected during Sheldon and Amy’s wedding.


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Despite being obviously bright, it is clear Missy has not done much with her life. Unlike her academic brother, she appears to have wasted her talent and smarts. This could be due to her personal relationships, her children or the death of their father George.

Fans have been angry with how Missy was written in The Big Bang Theory, after they fell in love with her character in the prequel. With her fantastic memory and social skills, audience members felt it unrealistic that she would be the least successful member of the Cooper family.

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