What Is The Cast Of Modern Family Doing Now?


  • Julie Bowen has multiple projects in development for 2024 and beyond after her tenure on “Modern Family.”
  • The cast of “Modern Family” has ventured into a variety of projects since the show ended in April 2020.
  • Fans of the hit show have seen actors like Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland partake in voice acting and reality TV gigs.



Modern Family premiered in September 2009 as a show following the lives of three diverse family set-ups all linked by the head father figure, Jay Pritchett. The show aired for 11 seasons spanning 11 years, wrapping up filming in April 2020. Throughout its run, the show won 22 Emmys, and it was heavily praised for its ability to capture real life by touching on topics brought about by the diversity its characters and family dynamics. For this reason, the light-hearted sitcom was branded as a “cultural reset” by fans as they reminisced about the show recently.

But what has the cast been up to since the show ended? Here’s a look into what the cast of Modern Family has been doing in their personal and professional lives following the final episode.


Ariel Winter And Sarah Hyland Mutually Agreed That Dealing With Their Appearances Was A Nightmare On Modern Family

Ariel Winter And Sarah Hyland faced many uncomfortable moments on Modern Family during their rise to fame.

Update February 2024:Since ‘Modern Family’ wrapped in 2020, a number of the show’s stars have gone on to do big things. Julie Bowen has several projects being developed in 2024, Sofia Vergara starred in Netflix’s ‘Griselda’, Eric Stonestreet starred in ‘The Santa Clauses’, and Jesse Tyler-Ferguson starred in ‘Cocaine Bear’. A number of the show’s stars have also gone into the reality side of things. Ariel Winter joined the cast of the first season of Stars on Mars and Sarah Hyland has become the host of Love Island USA.

12 Julie Bowen

After Modern Family Ended: Hosted a podcast

Julie Bowen posing on a red carpet
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  • Bowen is scheduled to be in several productions being released in 2024 and beyond

Julie Bowen took on the role of Claire Dunphy, the wife of Phil and mother to Haley, Alex, and Luke. Since the show ended, Julie has held roles in the films Mixtape and The Fallout. She also starred in the Disney+ 2023 movie, Prom Pact.

Other projects that Julie has worked on since Modern Family, according to IMDb include:

American Dad! (TV Series)


Trashelle (voice)

Totally Killer (Movie)


Pam Hughes (lead)

Hailey’s On It (TV Series)


Patricia Banks (voice)

Julie also has several other projects in different stages of production, scheduled to be released in 2024 and beyond.

In addition to acting, Julie also hosted a podcast with Chad Sanders called Quitters, where they invite guests to discuss things that they have left behind in order to move forward. Through the show, she’s interviewed several of her Modern Family co-stars, including her on-screen husband and kids, Ty Burrell, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould, and on-screen brother, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

11 Ty Burrell

After Modern Family Ended: Starred in Duncanville

Ty Burrell
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  • Burrell has not taken on any projects since Duncanville was canceled in 2022

During his time on Modern Family, Ty Burrell played Phil Dunphy, the humorous husband to Claire and father to Alex, Haley, and Luke.

After the show wrapped up, Ty began voice-acting in the animated series Duncanville, where he again played an on-screen father to the show’s focus, Duncan, as he travels through a fantasy world that he created. Season Three of Duncanville marked the end of the series as it was canceled by Fox in 2022, so Ty’s now open to new roles. However, as reported by Looper,he told Haute Living that any upcoming projects would need to be close to his loved ones. A family man, through and through!

10 Ariel Winter

After Modern Family Ended: Participated in Stars on Mars

Ariel Winter smiling
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  • Winter has done quite a bit of voice acting since leaving Modern Family

Ariel Winter starred in Modern Family as Alex Dunphy, the middle child of Claire and Phil who was characterized by her intellect. Ariel recently spoke up about the struggles she faced as a young actress in Hollywood, which led her to completely move away from Hollywood and live off the map for a little while.

In 2023, she joined the cast for the first-ever season of Stars on Mars. And, while she may be back in the spotlight to some extent, as noted by Buzzfeed News, in one episode, she told a fellow contestant that she’d been pressured into the business by her mother.


Modern Family Refused To Comment After Rumors Surfaced That Ariel Winter Was Going To Be Fired

Ariel Winter had a difficult period on Modern Family, and court documents suggest she was almost fired.

In addition to Stars on Mars, Ariel has taken a few roles over the years. The roles, according to IMDb include:

Firebuds (TV Series)


Calamity Train (voice)

Star Trek: Lower Decks (TV Series)


D’Erika Tendi (voice)

Tripped Up (Movie)


Kai (lead)

American Dad! (TV Series)


Big City Honey (voice)

Ariel has several projects in various stages of production to be released. No release dates have been posted.

9 Sarah Hyland

After Modern Family Ended: Became the Host of Love Island USA

Sarah Hyland
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  • Hyland also got married to Wells Adams from The Bachelor franchise

Sarah Hyland played Haley Dunphy, the bolder older sister to Alex and Luke in the show. Since Modern Family ended, Sarah held a role in a 2022 film called My Fake Boyfriend, as well as in the TV series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. Most recently, she’s become the host of Love Island USA.

Her personal life is reaching new heights too. In 2022, Sarah got married to Wells Adams from The Bachelor franchise. In a sweet move that showed just how close the cast is, Wells asked Julie Bowen, Sarah’s TV mom, for permission to marry Sarah before they got engaged.

Many of the Modern Family cast members showed up at the wedding, and, as reported by People, Sarah’s co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson officiated the ceremony, standing in for Sarah’s TV dad, Ty Burrell, who was originally set to officiate but had a family emergency.

Sarah has an untitled TV series in development, according to IMDb. When that will come out has yet to be announced.

8 Nolan Gould

After Modern Family Ended: Starred in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Nolan Gould
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  • Gould had a supporting role in Miranda’s Victim in 2023

Nolan Gould played Luke Dunphy in the show, the brother of Haley and Alex. Gould has made some strides in his professional life since his role in Modern Family, starring in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Most recently, he’s featured in the 2023 film, Miranda’s Victim, opposite Revenge alums Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman, and fellow former child star, Abigail Breslin.

As of 2024, Nolan has a film in development, according to IMDb. When it is slated for release is not known.

7 Jesse Tyler Ferguson

After Modern Family Ended: Starred in Cocaine Bear

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
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  • Ferguson welcomed his second child with Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson played Mitchell Prichett, who is the brother of Claire Dunphy and husband of Cameron Tucker in the show. Since Modern Family, Ferguson has been in a number of stage productions, including the most recent, Take Me Out. He’s also continued to star in other projects like the documentary Broadway Rising, and the film Cocaine Bear, released in early 2023.

Like former co-star Julie Bowen, he’s also gone into podcasting, through his show Dinners on Me.

As for his personal life, Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita, welcomed a second child with a classic Irish name, Sullivan.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson Admitted Eric Stonestreet Wasn’t Always Sure About Playing A Gay Character On Modern Family

Eric Stonestreet struggled at times playing the role of Cam on Modern Family, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson put him at ease in a different way.

Ferguson has a television series, Elsbeth completed and, according to IMDb, is scheduled to air in 2024.

6 Eric Stonestreet

After Modern Family Ended: Starred as Mad Santa in The Santa Clauses

Eric Stonestreet smiling in front of a poster
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  • Stonestreet has tried his hand at reality TV with America’s Got Talent and Domino Masters

Eric Stonestreet played Cameron Tucker, who is the husband of Mitchell in the show.

Since the end of Modern Family, Stonestreet has joined Sofia Vergara as a guest judge on America’s Got Talent. He’s also the host of the Fox reality competition series, Domino Masters.

Most recently in 2023, Stonestreet was in the TV series, The Santa Clauses where he played Mad Santa.

5 Ed O’Neill

After Modern Family Ended: Starred in The Sterling Affairs

Ed O'Neill looking surprised
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  • O’Neill has a mini-series due out in 2024

In Modern Family, Ed O’Neill took on the role of Jay Pritchett, who is the father of Claire and Mitchell, step-father to Manny, and husband to Gloria, with whom he has one other son, Joe.

In 2023, Ed joined his first major TV role since Modern Family ended, playing Donald Sterling in a limited FX series about the Los Angeles Clippers owner called The Sterling Affairs, based on an ESPN 30 for 30 series by the same name.

According to IMDb, O’Neill will be starring in a TV mini-series due out in 2024, titled Clipped.

4 Sofia Vergara

After Modern Family Ended: Became a judge on America’s Got Talent

Sofia Vergara going for a walk
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  • Vergara’s passion project, Griselda was released in 2024

Sofia Vergara played Gloria Delgado Pritchett, the wife of Jay, mother to Manny and Joe, and step-mother to Claire and Mitchell.

Since Modern Family ended in 2020, Vergara has been one of the judges on America’s Got Talent.

In addition to her judging duties, Vergara, starred in Strays, alongside Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. And in 2024, Vergara’s passion project and mini-series, Griselda was released on Netflix.

3 Rico Rodriguez

After Modern Family Ended: Took a Break From Acting

Rico Rodriguez
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  • Rodriguez has no plans to work on any projects as of 2024

Rico Rodriguez played Manny Delgado, the son of Gloria and step-son to Jay. Since Modern Family, Rodriguez has taken a break from his acting career, though he still refers to himself as an actor on Instagram.

Right now, though, it appears that he’s just content taking life as it comes.

2 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

After Modern Family Ended: Hosts a YouTube Channel With Her Mom

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
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  • Anderson-Emmons went back to high school

Aubrey Anderson played Lily Tucker-Pritchett, the sassy and funny adopted daughter of Mitchell and Cam in Modern Family. Originally, the role of Lily was played by the Hiller twins, Ella and Jaden, but after two seasons, acting wore them out. As a result, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons was cast to play the iconic role of Lily moving forward.

Aside from her role in Modern Family, Aubrey hasn’t been in the spotlight much. Since 2015, she’s shared a YouTube channel with her mother where they reviewed different foods, and post-Modern Family, they’ve continued to share content.

Aubrey has also taken to TikTok as of 2021, where she has over 26 million likes.

1 Jeremy Maguire

After Modern Family Ended: Starred in Turner & Hooch

Jeremy Maguire
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  • Maguire had a role in 2022’s The Virgin of Highland Park

In Modern Family, Jeremy Maguire played Joe Pritchett, the adorable son of Jay and Gloria. Since growing up on the set of Modern Family, Jeremy has continued his career as a child actor.

He’s appeared in the 2021 Disney+ reboot series, Turner & Hooch, where he starred alongside Josh Peck, and the 2022 movie The Virgin of Highland Park.

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