The Sad Reason Sarah Hyland Doesn’t Remember Certain Modern Family Episodes


  • Modern Family challenged Sarah Hyland so much she can’t recall certain episodes, despite her true bond with co-star Ariel Winter.
  • Despite fame and fortune, Hyland faced intense scrutiny and online trolling, taking a toll on her as she grew up on Modern Family.
  • Hyland still struggles with watching certain episodes due to weight gain caused by medication side effects during her time on the show.

Modern Family might have given Sarah Hyland fame and riches beyond her wildest dreams, but the show also challenged her so much that she has no recollection of certain episodes. From a young age, Hyland was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia, a health problem that persisted throughout her life.

This condition made filming Modern Family a nightmare for her at times. Despite these challenges, one significant gain for Hyland from the show was her true and dependable friendship with Ariel Winter, who played her sister on screen. Both actresses would admit years later that growing up on Modern Family was a difficult experience.


Did Sarah Hyland Enjoy Starring On ‘Modern Family’?

There’s no doubt that the show changed her life, but did she actually enjoy it?

Hyland’s time on the ABC sitcom was definitely a mix of highs and lows. Despite the difficulties she faced, she still has much to be grateful for thanks to Modern Family. The show not only boosted her career, but also contributed to her impressive $14 million net worth in 2024. However, some of the scars she bears from her time on the series mean that she cannot recall some episodes.

Sarah Hyland Struggled “Growing Up” On Modern Family And Was “Dead Asleep” During Certain Episodes

Sarah Hyland faced significant challenges “growing up” on Modern Family. The intense scrutiny and trolling she and her friend Ariel Winter endured throughout their time on the show deeply affected her. Hyland highlighted the brutal reality that “People really love to attack women especially.” She was speaking during a panel appearance at the 2020 Television Critics Association, as per People Magazine.

Ariel Winter echoed this sentiment at the very same event, explaining the difficulty of maturing in the public eye. She said, “It’s really difficult to grow up in front of millions of people who have an opinion on everything you do, and who are allowed to say it at any point. [They] think they know you really well, and they think they can comment on everything you wear, everything you do, or how you grow up and change.”


Did ‘Modern Family’ Try To Cancel Sarah Hyland?

Hyland remembers her time on the show fondly, however, that wasn’t the case while shooting the last season.

As Haley Dunphy, the eldest daughter of Claire (played by Julie Bowen) and Phil Dunphy (played by Ty Burrell), Hyland was prominently in the public eye.

Hyland also admitted to being asleep during certain episodes.

She shared, “There are some episodes of ‘Modern Family’ where I do not remember filming because I was asleep. Dead-asleep. That entire episode I was asleep for,” she said. “I don’t remember filming it at all.”

Hyland was waiting for a kidney at that point, and was struggling behind the scenes. “It was right before my first transplant. ‘Cause here’s the thing how transplants work. You have to a certain level of sick in order to receive a transplant,” she said. “So I was reaching that certain level of sick. I was not able to be awake for, like, eight hours at a time. I was so exhausted all the time.”

“I would hear, ‘And …’ and my head would go up on ‘and’ and then they yelled ‘action’ and we just went into it and as soon as they yelled ‘cut,’ I’d put my head back down.”

A tough reality for Hyland at the time.

Sarah Hyland Can’t Watch Back Some Modern Family Episodes Because Of How She Looked

Sarah Hyland still struggles to watch some Modern Family episodes, because of the way she looked during those times. She openly expressed her discomfort with her appearance in seasons 4 or 5, attributing it to “very bad Prednisone face” and a significant weight gain of about 30 pounds. Hyland shared that this was a period where she and Ariel Winter, her co-star and friend, were both navigating similar challenges.

Prednisone, a steroid medication used to reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system, can cause side effects such as “moon face,” a condition where the face becomes puffy and round. This side effect is common for individuals treating kidney diseases with steroids or after a kidney transplant.


Sarah Hyland Didn’t Like The Way Modern Family Ended: Here’s What She Has To Say

Sarah Hyland has some strong opinions about her character’s final storyline.

Winter also recounted her own struggles during Season 2, being a year where she had braces on her teeth. “I especially hated the year I had braces,” she said, reflecting on how it coincided with her going through puberty, making it an exceptionally awkward time for her.

Sarah Hyland Has Some Advice For Her Modern Family Self: “Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself”

Sarah Hyland at the 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Sarah Hyland has braved through all the challenges to continue thriving, and has some heartfelt advice that she would offer to her younger self, reflecting on her journey since starting out on Modern Family in 2009. She shared her thoughts in an exclusive interview with E! News at the Tic Tac Experience in April 2023. She would tell herself, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Love the people around you, but love you more.”

Sarah Hyland’s Career Since Modern Family


Sarah Hyland’s Role

Release Date

My Fake Boyfriend (film)


June 17, 2022 (theaters)

Play-Doh Squished (Game show)

Herself / Host

Premiered 11 November 2022 (USA Network)

Love Island (Reality dating show)

Herself / Host

Started in Season 4 (2022, Peacock)

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (Comedy series)


Premiered November 23, 2022 (Peacock)

Furthermore, Hyland revealed that she would encourage her younger self to maintain her passion for dance, a hobby she cherished deeply. “Continue dancing because you love dancing,” she advised, urging her past self to keep engaged with various forms of dance including ballet, jazz, flamenco, and ballroom. She also expressed regret at moving away from dance, realizing in her thirties that she missed it dearly and no longer had the muscle strength to perform as before.

In addition to her career and hobbies, Hyland spoke about the strong bonds she formed with her on-screen family. Notably, when her now-husband, Wells Adams, proposed, he sought the blessings of not only her real-life parents, Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland, but also from her TV parents, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. “They really, really are like my second set of parents,” Hyland insisted.

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