The Cast Ranked From Richest To Poorest

Will & Grace first aired back in 1998 and stood out as quite the progressive series, soaring to becoming a fan favorite! The show scored itself 11 whole seasons, providing viewers with unforgettable comedic performances and an array of episodes educating fans on LGBTQ+ issues.

The show, which starred Debra Messing and Eric McCormack as Will and Grace, returned in 2017 after being off the air for well over a decade. Although fans adored the iconic on-screen characters, there was a lot of drama that occurred behind the scenes of Will & Grace.

While it was certain that the show went on to become one of the most successful sitcoms, it was widely known that the cast was paid quite a salary! With so many big names attached to the show, who comes out on top with the highest net worth?

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Updated October 2023: Since Will & Grace ended in 2006, the cast all went on to do different things in the entertainment industry. While some were more successful than others, all were busy with their careers.

When the show came back for a reboot in 2017, it only helped the cast advance their careers more. From voice acting careers that are in-demand to being a part of soundtracks of some of the biggest shows and movies currently out, and having podcasts that are successful to the point where they are being taken out on tour and are selling out venues, all of the cast went on to be ridiculously successful. Better still, with the fortunes they had built, they were able to pick and choose what they wanted to do, be it work hard or take some time off.

With the fame and exposure that Will & Grace brought the actors who appeared on the show, it is clear from their current projects and those upcoming that they will only continue to build up their resumes while adding to their net worth at the same time.

10 Harry Connick Jr. – $45 Million

Harry Connick Jr on the red carpet
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While you’d think one of the series’ leads would have been the richest, it is actually Harry Connick Jr. who comes out on top. Considering his success in the music industry as well, it’s no shock he’s worth $45 million.

The actor played the role of Leo Markus, Grace’s doctor ex-hubby in over 25 episodes. Harry also is known for being a judge on American Idol alongside Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson from 2013 to 2015, a paycheck that also seriously contributed to Connick’s massive fortune.

In conjunction with Connick’s acting roles, he is a well-established singer as well. His music has appeared on soundtracks such as When Harry Met Sally, Will & Grace, Ted Lasso, and more. As such, it does not come as any surprise that Harry has the highest net worth of the cast on Will & Grace.

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9 Blythe Danner – $40 Million

Blythe Danner on the red carpet
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Blythe Danner is an icon outside of her time on Will & Grace. Not only is she known for her close relationship with her daughter, and fellow Hollywood royalty, Gwyneth Paltrow, but she too took on a recurring role on the hit NBC series.

Playing the role of Will’s mom, Marilyn Truman in nearly 20 episodes, Danner became a fan fav, however, she was already a favorite due to her success in the industry years before. With a resume as grand as hers, it comes as no shock that Danner is worth an impressive $40 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

After Will & Grace, Danner went on to lend her voice talent to Ridley Jones for two seasons and also had a part in the film, Happiness for Beginners.

8 Megan Mullally – $25 Million

Megan Mullally on the red carpet
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If there was one actress most suitable to bring the role of Karen Walker to life, it was certainly Megan Mullally. The ultra-wealthy character was without a doubt the no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is friend that everyone deserves to have.

With a handful of roles following her time on Will & Grace, Mullally returned for the series reboot, however, things came to an end following three seasons when Mullally and Messing could no longer work alongside one another. Despite things coming to a head between the two, Mullally doesn’t seem to be too bothered, especially considering she’s worth $25 million.

Mullally has gone on to have quite a voice acting career after the end of Will & Grace. From Bob’s Burgers to The Simpsons, American Dad, and The Great North, Mullally is in demand. And with a project in pre-production, there is more of Mullally to be seen in 2024 and beyond.

7 Debra Messing – $25 Million

Debra Messing at the 25th anniversary of Will & Grace
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Debra Messing has constantly been celebrated for her work on Will & Grace, portraying the role of Grace Adler, interior designer extraordinaire. The actress was quite the star following her success on the series, and with an array of other roles and time working on Broadway, it is no surprise that Messing has amassed a net worth of $25 million.

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Despite things appearing as if they were fine on-set, it turns out that Messing and fellow co-star, Mullally, didn’t always get along. Uh-oh!

Since Will & Grace ended, Messing has not been super busy but she has had at least one project per year to help keep her net worth stable. Coming up, however, it is rumored that Messing will be starring in Wise Guys, due out in 2024.

6 Sean Hayes – $20 Million

Sean Hayes on the red carpet
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If there is one character that fans couldn’t wait to see come up on their screens was none other than Jack McFarland. The role was played by the talented Sean Hayes, who much like Eric McCormack, played an openly gay man on television, creating massive strides for the community.

Hayes is recognized for his work on Will & Grace, and considering we cannot picture anyone else playing Jack, it’s safe to say he was the perfect fit! With so much success from the series, it’s no surprise that Hayes has earned a fortune to the tune of $20 million.

In addition to his acting credits, Hayes has been working on the podcast, Smartless with friends, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. The successful podcast has been on since 2020 and recently went on tour to different cities across the US. The tour was turned into a series on Max.

5 Eric McCormack – $20 Million

Eric McCormack on the red carpet
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Eric McCormack took on the lead role alongside Messing, playing none other than Will Truman. While Will usually found himself being the sane and rational character, he also had his less-than-stellar moments, and for a lawyer, he wasn’t always proud of them.

Considering his status on the show, having played an openly gay character, it’s safe to say that McCormack certainly paved the way for similar characters to come. During his time in the spotlight, McCormack has been able to amass a whopping net worth of $20 million!

With the end of Will & Grace, McCormack did not slow down. Instead, he went on to star in three different TV series, the last, The Other Black Girl, airing in 2023.

4 Bobby Cannavale – $10 Million

Bobby Cannavale attends the premiere of Netflix's The Watcher
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Bobby Cannavale has taken on a slew of high-profile roles including Jumanji, Ant-Man, Thunder Force, and of course, Will & Grace. Cannavale has since amassed a net worth of $10 million, proving himself to be quite the hardworking Hollywood man.

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During his time on the series, Cannavale played the role of Vince D’Angelo, Will Truman’s long-term police boyfriend. While fans adored the two together, their moment came to an end in Season 7, breaking viewers’ hearts.

Of all the actors on Will & Grace, Cannavale has been the busiest of all. With no fewer than 33 roles that he has taken on since 2018 and five more in various stages of production, it is clear that Cannavale’s net worth is only going to climb over the next several years.

3 Shelley Morrison – $2.5 Million

Shelley Morrison on the red carpet
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Shelly Morrison was easily one of the funniest characters on the show. The star portrayed the role of Rosario Salazar, Karen Walker’s housekeeper, however, she was far more of a voice of reason with a witty yet angry sense of humor that made her a fan fav.

In 2019, the actress, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 83, leading her fellow co-stars to pour in loving messages regarding their time working together. During Morrison’s time in Hollywood, she made quite a name for herself, leaving behind a $2.5 million fortune.

2 Leslie Jordan – $2.5 Million

Leslie Jordan on the red carpet
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Leslie Jordan played the iconic role of Beverley Leslie, Karen Walker’s frenemy. Although Jordan appeared on 17 episodes, it felt as if he was always part of the series. Leslie also rejoined the cast for its return in 2017, reprising the role of Beverley.

While the actor has appeared in countless shows throughout his career, including time on Broadway, it was his appearances on Will & Grace that fans cannot get enough of! Luckily for Jordan, his career under the limelight has allowed him to amass a net worth of $2.5 million.

Before Jordan passed away in 2022, he starred in the series, Call Me Kat. And with a project in post-production, fans will have the opportunity to see Jordan one more time on the screen before bidding a fond farewell.

1 Leigh-Allyn Baker – $2 Million

Leigh-Allyn Baker on the red carpet
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Leigh-Allyn Baker may not have been a lead star on Will & Grace, but she played quite an important role!

The actress landed the spot as Ellen, a recurring character throughout the series who appeared on a total of 21 episodes between 1998 and 2006. Baker is also known for her roles in 12 Miles Of Bad Road, and In Case Of Emergency, allowing the actress to amass a net worth of $2 million.

Since leaving Will & Grace, Baker’s career has been steady, especially when it comes to her voice acting roles. With roles in Back at the Barnyard, The 7D, Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures, Baker has not disappeared. She has also appeared in several Christmas movies, with one in post-production, likely being released in 2024.


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