The Cast of Frasier Suffered An Immeasurable Loss Right Before The Show’s Ninth Season



  • David Angell, co-creator of Frasier, tragically passed away on 9/11 along with his wife.
  • Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves, two Frasier cast members, spoke highly of Angell.
  • The passing of Angell was described as a devastating loss by David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer.

Now that there are TV stars who make one million dollars per episode, people want to know whether people like Frasier’s John Mahoney got rich. Since people are fascinated by the wealthy, that makes sense. However, it is a shame that sometimes fans don’t focus more on things about TV stars that matter more.

A perfect example of that is the report that David Hyde Pierce helped Kelsey Grammer deal with his addictions matters more. Hopefully, that anecdote means that all of Frasier’s cast came together when they suffered a horrible tragedy.

Frasier’s Co-Creator David Angell Died On 9/11

When the show Cheers came to an end after years of immense success, a trio of men came together to keep the laughs going. Alongside David Lee and Peter Casey, a man named David Angell co-created the spin-off show, Frasier.

David Angell smiling in the middle with grey hair as a Cheers extra
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Pictured above smiling with a beard in the middle of the photo, Angell played a key role in Frasier’s ongoing success. On top of co-creating the show, Angell was one of Frasier’s executive producers from the first to eighth season.

Sadly for everyone involved with Frasier including the show’s cast, Angell couldn’t come back after the eighth season. The tragic and infuriating reason for that is Angell passed away before production on that season began.

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On September 11th, 2001, Frasier’s cast and crew were just as shocked by the attack that unfolded as everyone else. As the day progressed, however, the traumatizing nature of that day became more heartbreaking for everyone involved with Frasier.

Kelsey Grammer's Addiction Issues May Have Canceled Frasier Had It Not Been For David Hyde Pierce
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In the hours that followed the tragedy of that day, the cast of Frasier learned the news that Angell and his wife Lynn Angell had both lost their lives. On that horrific day, the couple who adored each other from all accounts were on the first plane used in the attack.

How Did The Cast Of Frasier React To David Angell’s Passing?

In the years since David Angell’s life tragically came to an end, the cast of Frasier has spoken about him many times. Based on those comments, it seems like Angell was a lovely human being who truly was adored by the people who got to know him.

Kelsey Grammar, Jane Leevy, Peri Gilpin, David Hyde Pierce and the cast of Frasier
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During an interview, Frasier’s Peri Gilpin remembered her experiences on September 11th 2001. Most notably, Gilpin described the terrible moment when she learned that David and Lynn Angell had lost their lives.

“She called back and told me David and Lynn had been on that first plane.” As an emotional Gilpin shook her head no, she described her reaction at that moment. “I was just in so much shock.”

As Gilpin continued to remember Angell, she spoke about the positive influence he had over her career. Gilpin also spoke about how funny Gilpin was as a person and a writer. Most importantly, Gilpin lavished praise on who Angell was as a human being. “He was a really funny, classy, kind, cool, smart guy.” Gilpin also expressed her love for Lynn Angell and the work the couple did to help people.

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Just like Gilpin, Jane Leeves was interviewed about her experiences on September 11th, 2011. During Leeves’ interview, she was so emotional about losing Angell that she had to take a moment to collect herself before she could continue talking.

As Leeves explained, she was freaked out after the attack, so she went to a supermarket to stock up on goods for her family. When she returned home, Leeves’ husband gave her the tragic news as the actor described while fighting back tears.

“He said that, um, our executive producer, David Angell and Lynn, it had been confirmed that they were in the first plane to hit the towers. And I just dropped to my knees. It was really shocking.” As Leeves’ interview continued, she made her admiration for Angell clear.

Jane Leeves now
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“David was a magnificent human being. The most elegant man you’d ever care to meet. The most kind, charming man and devastatingly funny. Which was so surprising coming out of this elegant white-bearded gentleman.” Leeves then went on to be just as complimentary of Lynn Angell.

“His wife, Lynn, was everything you’d expect him to be attracted to. She was a beautiful, kind, wonderful woman. She was a school librarian.” Leeves continued, “She was the kindest, gentlest woman. We were all very close.” “It was just devastating, just devastating.”

In 2018, Vanity Fair published an oral history of Frasier. For that piece, Vanity Fair’s writer Marc Freeman spoke to Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, as well as co-creators Peter Casey and David Lee.

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Partway through Vanity Fair’s article, the subject of Angell’s passing came up. In response, David Hyde Pierce briefly described how he reacted when he learned about Angell’s passing.

“I collapsed to the floor without even thinking. The impossibility of it. Not just because it was someone we knew, but because they were two of the best people that ever walked the earth. It was an inconceivable loss of those two beautiful human beings.”

Throughout Kelsey Grammer’s life, he has suffered far too many tragedies. In 2021, he reflected on one of them when Grammer spoke to Deadline about learning that Angell passed.

Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce
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“It is a day of loss that I always remember. “I was awakened by a friend of mine who lives in New York. He said, ‘They got us, they got us, they’ve taken out the World Trade towers.’ I turned on the TV and saw what was going on.”

Grammer continued, “I remember I’d invited David and his wife to come to a party that weekend; I spoke to him on Saturday. He said, ‘Oh, we were going to come home, but we decided we’d stay an extra couple of days. We’re going to come back on Tuesday.’ “

Grammer went on to talk about how losing Angell felt. “He was a terrific writer. He was also a really nice guy. It was great to know him, and so losing him was something everybody felt like a gut shot.”


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