Sheldon Cooper and Jim Parsons Both Shared An Allergy, Until It Caused A Big Bang Theory Plot Hole


  • The Big Bang Theory’s plot inconsistency involving Sheldon’s cat allergy is either a lie or oversight by the writers.
  • Fans noticed other inconsistencies like Sheldon’s horoscope changing and Penny’s father’s name confusion.
  • Jim Parsons’ allergy to cats in real life made filming a season four episode difficult, as he was surrounded by cats for a scene.

In the first season of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is allergic to cats, yet the writers soon did a U-turn on this. In season one, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) comes home with a cat scratcher, and this is when viewers learn of Sheldon’s allergy.

When Sheldon says he hopes the new cat scratcher is for Leonard’s personal use, he replies, “Now I’ve taken into account your allergy, and I found a solution…” This suggests Sheldon has a serious allergy to cats.

Sheldon stops Leonard from having any cats despite his roommate being depressed about Penny’s new boyfriend. This creates a plot inconsistency as later, in season 4, Sheldon brings 25 cats into his home. In the season 4 Big Bang Theory episode titled, “The Zazzy Substitution,” Sheldon doesn’t appear to suffer any reaction when he adopts cats, five of which are called Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch, and Zazzles. The whole plot becomes even odder when you take into account Jim Parson’s real life allergy to cats.


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In the following, we look at the episode that caused a plot hole in The Big Bang Theory regarding Sheldon’s allergy to cats. We also reveal other Big Bang Theory inconsistencies throughout its 12 seasons.

How Big Bang Theory’s Iconic Cat Scene Caused A Sheldon Plot Hole In The Series

Sheldon Cooper the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory regularly pokes fun at Howard and Leonard for having food and animal allergies, but seems to forget about Sheldon’s. In the season 4 episode, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler break up, leading a lonely Sheldon to get a new furry companion called Dr Robert Oppenheimer. Sheldon then begins to worry his cat might be lonely and need some of his own friends, so he ends up adopting 25 cats.

In this season 4 episode, Sheldon seems to have no issue being around the cats, so either he lied to Leonard about the allergy in the first season, or the writers forgot about this specific character trait. His allergy to cats is also never mentioned in the prequel, Young Sheldon.

Not only does his adoption of six cats go against his allergies and germaphobia, but the stunt also goes against the famous roommate agreement between Leonard and Sheldon. Ultimately, Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, uses reverse psychology to help repair Amy and Sheldon’s relationship, and the pair gives away the cats.


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Fans immediately noticed this inconsistency in The Big Bang Theory. There is a possible explanation for this: Sheldon is notoriously selfish, so fans believe he could have used allergies as an excuse to keep his apartment cat-free with Leonard. In an unrelated incident, Sheldon withheld the fact that he had gotten his license, so he could continue to be chauffeured to work. So, it would not be out of character for Sheldon Cooper to lie to his friends because he wanted his own way.

“Okay so I’m watching old BBT and how the hell is Sheldon bringing home all these kitties when he knows damn well he and Leonard are allergic?!” one user wrote on social media.

“I swear they do this all the time, create such complicated characters and then totally forget all their quirks,” another user wrote.

Jim Parson’s Real Life Allergy To Cats Made Filming This Big Bang Theory Scene Difficult

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper with cats

Jim Parsons admitted this Big Bang Theory plot inconsistency also led to one difficult moment on set where he had to act alongside cats. Much like his character on the sitcom, Parsons is allergic to cats.

Speaking about the on-set experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Parsons recalled being asked about the scene where his character is surrounded by cats.

“There was one time very early on in Big Bang where they were tossing around an idea for a script, and they came up and asked me, ‘Are you allergic to cats by any chance?’”

Parson revealed he was and what effect this could have on him. “And I said, ‘Yeah I am, my eyes get puffy and whatever.'”

“About a week later, the script showed up with a box of Claritin and was like well, we’re going to do one where you’re surrounded by cats the whole episode.”

Parsons admits he was ultimately okay because he avoided touching his face.

Ironically, Jim Parsons also produces a show called Call Me Kat. It stars his fellow The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik as a woman who runs a cat café.


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The Big Bang Theory’s Issue With Inconsistency

Big Bang Theory finale
via CBS

The Big Bang Theory has long had issues with inconsistencies, and that was even before comparing the show with its prequel, Young Sheldon.

Fans noticed Sheldon’s horoscope changed from Taurus to Pisces halfway through the CBS comedy. In the first season’s sixteenth episode, titled “The Peanut Reaction”, Sheldon talks about his hatred of astrology, something Penny says is a typical Taurus reaction. Only, if Sheldon and his twin sister, Missy, were born on February 26, 1980, they would be Pisces. They do rectify this in season 8 when Penny calls Sheldon a Pisces.

The name of Penny’s father also changed between episodes. In the episode “The Maternal Congruence,” Leonard’s mother visits and meets Penny. She talks about her own parents and refers to her father as being called Bob. In a subsequent series, Penny refers to her father as Wyatt, seemingly changing his name. Penny also mentions having a brother and sister, Randall and Lisa. However, Lisa isn’t at Penny’s wedding and isn’t mentioned again.

A recurring joke in The Big Bang Theory was that the elevator in Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny’s building had been out of order for a number of years, so visitors were forced to climb the stairs. A flashback reveals that Leonard was to blame when Sheldon saved his life by putting Leonard’s volatile experiment in the elevator.

However, this reveal created another inconsistency in the show’s canon. In the first season, Leonard mentioned that the elevator had been broken for two years, yet the explosion happened four years before the start of the CBS comedy.

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