Richard Simmons Broke Into Tears On Fox News While Discussing What Happened To His Career


  • Richard Simmons broke down crying during a 2013 interview, revealing his desire to make people happy and feel better.
  • Simmons opened up about his own experiences with bullying and the impact it has on people’s lives.
  • Simmons admitted to struggling with eating disorders, emphasizing the pressure he feels to be a good example to others.

Arguably the biggest health and fitness icon of the last several decades, Richard Simmons had a huge effect on a lot of people’s lives. Sadly, however, careers in the public eye can be extremely fragile at times. After all, former child stars disappeared, Mads Mikkelsen’s career could have been ruined, and Michelle Trachtenberg may have destroyed her chance to be a movie star.

Unfortunately for Richard Simmons, he has disappeared from the public eye after years of being a household name. Before that, Simmons broke down while talking about his career and society during a 2013 interview.

Richard Simmons Broke Down During A Heart Breaking Interview About His Career

Throughout Richard Simmons’ incredible career in the public eye, he almost always seemed to be overjoyed and enthusiastic. For that reason, it is all the more affecting to see Simmons break down crying during a 2013 interview on Fox News.

Richard Simmons walking outside
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When Simmons went on to be interviewed by Neil Cavuto, he was supposed to be there to talk about having good eating habits at Thanksgiving. However, it almost instantly seemed to be clear that this interview wasn’t going to play out the way anyone planned.

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  • “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’”

In the opening seconds of the interview, Simmons told Cavuto the host had offended him in previous years. After the fitness legend refused to elaborate, Cavuto asked Simmons about a song he’d released at that time titled “HAIR DO”. When Cavuto asked Simmons why he released a pop song, the fitness guru began to cry as he explained that he wanted to make people feel better.

“You know, we live in a world with a lot of stress and I think if you can create anything that’s gonna make people happy…”


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After interrupting Simmons, Cavuto asked what the point of the song was. Before offering any kind of answer, Simmons seemed like he was trying to collect himself for a few seconds.

However, by the time Simmons began talking again, he was obviously still overcome with emotion. With tears welling up in his eyes, there was no doubt how much Simmons genuinely wanted to make anyone going through tough times feel better.

“Just to make people feel good and laugh. Whether they’re laughing with me or at me doesn’t mind but. You know, when the King gets upset, he doesn’t call for his wife or the cook. He calls for the court jester.”

Here’s What Richard Simmons Is Really Doing Now
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Seemingly picking up on how surprisingly emotional his guest had become, Cavuto praised Simmons for the good he had done. As Cavuto stated and seemed to completely believe, Simmons has made “people feel good” throughout his career. This caused Simmons to reflect on his career which only seemed to make him more emotional.

“And for forty years, I’ve been making people try to like themselves more.”

From there, Simmons began talking about how many people get bullied and beaten down by the world. As Simmons made clear, it truly pained him that anyone has to go through their life being made to feel worse by bullies and society as a whole.


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“We live in a world where everyone is bullying. It’s horrifying. But, you know, I never told you this story but when I was in high school, an all Catholics, all Catholics boys high school. When I went to the bathroom, they would, the stall, they would put lighter fluid under and put a flame to it to burn me.”

Simmons continued, ‘You know, if you’re very different, and it’s worse now, this was in the 50s. But if you’re different in any way now, you were tortured and we learn that either from our parents, or TV, or kids at school.”

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After reflecting on what causes bullying to be such a huge societal issue, Simmons said something tragic and revealing. Simmons seemingly revealed why he was so emotional during this specific Fox News interview.

“But it’s got to stop because I buried a lot of people this year. People who just couldn’t fight the battle of obesity anymore, or anorexia, or any of it.”

In the modern media landscape, there are a lot of people who only seem to care about their own bottom line. For that reason, it is staggering to see the opening minutes of Simmons’ 2013 Fox News interview. After watching how emotional Simmons became over anyone living in pain, the fitness guru comes off as a genuine and kindhearted human being.

Richard Simmons’ Career Cost Him A Lot

As Richard Simmons’ 2013 appearance on Fox News continued, the television icon had several moments of his trademark levity. The perfect example of that was the moment Simmons climbed on Neil Cavuto’s desk and laid on it to be closer to the host.


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However, as Simmons and Cavuto’s interview continued, things became serious once again. This time around, Simmons became emotional while talking about the price he has paid for his career over the years.

As Cavuto questioned Simmons, he asked about the fitness legend’s lifestyle. After Simmons stated he works out daily, including getting up at 3 AM the day of the interview to work out, Cavuto questioned his diet. Cavuto did this by insisting several times that Simmons must put on disguises so he could go out in public and “pig out”.

Richard Lewis telling the camera to stay away
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In response to Cavuto’s questioning, Simmons continued to insist that he never overeats. Instead of acting like that was some grand accomplishment, however, Simmons began to tear up again as he explained how his career affects his diet.

When and where was Richard Simmons born, according to Famous People?

When was Richard Simmons born:

July 12, 1948

Where was Richard Simmons born:

New Orleans, LA

How old is Richard Simmons as of January 2024

75 Years Old

“I owe it to people to be a good example. Look, I’ve had eating disorders all my life. When I call thirty to forty overweight people a day, do you think I can eat? I can’t. No, I starve. Well, it’s the truth. It’s very hard to eat.”

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