Patrick J. Adams May Not Have Made As Much As You Think During His Time On Suits


  • Patrick J. Adams has a reported net worth of $10 million, and a lot of it is thanks to his time on
    and other projects.
  • While he might not have been paid as much as other top TV actors, Adams certainly made a good amount of money.
  • Adams decided to leave
    after season 7 to focus on family life, having two children with wife Troian Bellisario.

Patrick J. Adams played likable lawyer Mike Ross for seven seasons of Suits, but did he make a lot of money when appearing on the popular series? It’s hard to think of the actor and not be immediately curious about what it was like to work with his Suits co-star Meghan Markle, but more importantly, how much money did he make compared to his co-stars?

While their characters Mike Ross and Rachel Zane fall in love and even get married, fans want to know if Markle and Adams are friends IRL. The actor’s Suits salary is also something that people wonder about since he portrayed such a popular character for so long. What was Patrick J. Adams paid for his role on Suits, and does he have a high net worth? Here’s everything we know.



The Cast Of Suits Saw Their Lives Change Drastically Since The Show Ended

After Suits concluded in 2019, the cast members went on to take different paths in both their personal and professional lives.

Updated February 2024: Patrick J. Abrams may have made ‘Suits’ fans sad with his departure from the series in 2018, but he’s gone on to diversify his acting portfolio with a range of other projects since, helping him amass a reported net worth of $10 million (his wife Troian Bellisario is estimated to be worth the same). Most recently, the actor teased the possibility of a Suits reboot in 2023, but he’s doubtful Meghan Markle would return to television now that she’s married into royalty.

What Was Patrick J. Adams Salary On Suits?

Patrick J Adams

While Patrick J. Adams’ exact Suits salary hasn’t been made public, it’s possible to guess what he might have been paid based on what other information is out there. As for what TV actors usually get paid, according to Variety, “A-list” actors can be paid $1 million for each episode. The Friends cast has high net worths because they were each getting paid that amount in seasons 9 and 10. Since Adams isn’t as famous, it seems unlikely that he was paid quite that much.

Variety spoke to experts who work with actors and shared that the biggest actors will be paid $750,000 and $1 million for each episode and the actors one notch below them will make between $600,000 and $800,000.

Although Adams’s salary isn’t known, there are some comparisons available. According to The Sun,Meghan Markle was paid £37,000 for each episode, which equals around $45,312.79 USD. The publication noted that since she appeared in over 100 episodes, so that was definitely a lot of money. It was reported that Gabriel Macht was being paid up to $60,000 for each episode in 2013.


Who Is ‘Suits’ Star Gabriel Macht’s Wife?

‘Suits’ actor Gabriel Macht has been married to Jacinda Barrett for many years and she has had a career just as successful as his.

It’s fair to say that Macht and Adams got equal screen time, as they played the main characters Harvey Spector and Mike Ross. So if Macht was being paid $60,000 for each 2013 episode, it’s likely that Adams received the same salary, and as time went on, they probably received raises.

Since Patrick J. Adams starred on Suits for 7 seasons, and then came back in season 9 for a few episodes, he definitely made a good amount of money.

But estimates say his net worth is around $10 million, which obviously isn’t as high as actors who were making $1 million per episode, such as the Friends or The Big Bang Theory casts. It’s possible that he wasn’t being paid quite as much as fans might think.

Patrick J. Adams Quit Suits In Season 7 And Embraced His Family Life

Patrick J Adams

It’s never simple when an actor decides that they have to say farewell to the character who they have played for years. Patrick J. Adams talked about quitting Suits in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and said that when he was in the middle of filming season 7 and it was time to negotiate future contracts, he could tell that it was time to go.

The actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he thought, “We need to think about this because this is more of my time and more of my life — and what’s the story left to tell?” He was glad that Mike Ross was in a good place and had gone through so much growth since the beginning of the series.

He also embraced his family life, as he and Troian Bellisario got married in 2016 and now have two children, a son named Elliot and a daughter named Aurora. He said, “After seven seasons — really, eight years of being away from home and away from my now-wife” and added “there was that pressure.”

Adams and Markle’s characters left Suits at the same time, as Mike and Rachel get married in the season 7 finale, appropriately titled “Good-Bye.” Of course, Markle decided to stop acting when she knew that she was going to marry Prince Harry and have many royal duties, although they have publicly stepped away from royal life since.

Patrick J. Adams Has Acted In Both TV Series And Movies Since Leaving Suits

Patrick J. Adams and wife Troian Bellisario
Via: Instar

Since he stopped playing Mike Ross on Suits, Patrick J. Adams has been acting steadily, which of course increases his net worth. He played Guy Woodhouse in the miniseries Rosemary’s Baby adapted from the classic horror movie, Jesse on Orphan Black, and Charlie on the 2022 comedy series A League Of Their Own.

Adams also starred in the CBC series Plan B as Phillip Grimmer. His wife Troian Bellisario, played the role of Miranda Delano. Adams also starred in Take Me Out on Broadway alongside Jesse Williams and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The actor’s movie choices are his most interesting, however, as he seems to like exploring different types of stories and not just settling for romance or comedy like his fans might expect. He starred in the 2018 science fiction film Clara alongside Troian Bellisario as an astrophysicist trying to learn more about space and if there are other life forms.

Patrick J. Adams also got people talking for starring in the 2022 movie The Swearing Jar as Simon, a man whose wife Carey, played by Adelaide Clemens, loves him but falls for someone else. Adams is from Toronto and since The Swearing Jar was shot in Hamilton and Toronto, this was a return home for him.

The actor shared in an interview with Original-Cin that he could see himself in his character’s journey to becoming a new parent. He explained, “I’m not really a swearing guy. I completely relate to the challenge of keeping it clean around kids or being a good parent, especially with our first daughter with Aurora. I was like, we’re not ready to be parents.”

Adams continued, “I can hardly take care of myself. I can’t take the garbage out once a week, you expect me to raise a kid. I think there was certainly a lot I related to on that level of just who are we as parents? Are we ready to do this? How dare we think we know what it is to raise a child but it’s also the gift of that and I think the film captures that so beautifully.”

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