Nolan Gould Hasn’t Acted In Any Notable Roles Since Modern Family But His Net Worth Ensures He’s More Than Okay


  • Nolan Gould has a net worth of $12 million, mostly earned from his high salary on Modern Family.
  • Despite sparse post-Modern Family roles, Gould is financially comfortable.
  • Gould continues to earn from Modern Family residuals and new projects.

Nolan Gould played goofy Luke Dunphy in all 11 seasons ofModern Family and fans can catch up on episodes on Hulu. The actor was just a kid when he was cast on the popular TV series and, when the sitcom ended in 2020, he was in his early 20s. While he became an adult while playing Luke, he also made a fortune. The Modern Family cast got impressive raises and have all done very well for themselves.

When a hit show ends, some actors take a long break, and others get back to work. In Nolan Gould’s case, he didn’t play any well-known characters after Luke Dunphy, but he’s still comfortable financially. In this article, we’ll take a look at Nolan Gould’s net worth, the high salary he earned during Modern Family, and how he continues to earn money even though he hasn’t acted that much since the sitcom wrapped up.

Despite Not Acting Much Since Modern Family, Nolan Gould Has A High Net Worth

Even though Nolan Gould’s acting credits after Modern Family are few and far between, Gould has a net worth of $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The actor’s high net worth comes from a few sources: his Modern Family salary and movies such as Ghoul, Space Buddies, and The To Do List.

Gould earned most of his money from his Modern Family salary. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gould earned $125,000 for each season 10 and 11 episode. Before that, he was paid $75,000 for each episode, along with the rest of the young cast members. Buzzfeed reported that Gould earned $25,0000 for each season 1 episode.

Nolan Gould sitting on the couch in Modern Family
via ABC

It sounds like Nolan Gould knew that he would be looking for work again after Modern Family ended and he has been smart with his money. When Gould spoke to ABC News about the series finale of Modern Family, he said:

“I’m going to be unemployed for the first time in eleven years.”

ABC News reported that Gould put money aside so he wouldn’t have to worry about finances when thinking about what to do next. Since he earned a high salary from Modern Family for so many years, he was definitely in good shape when the series finale aired in 2020.


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Since Gould has such a high net worth, he had the time and space to think about what kind of acting roles he wanted to take on after Modern Family. In an interview with People in 2021, Gould talked about getting fitter and said he was focusing on the next stage of his professional life.

Nolan Gould standing on a red carpet
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He said:

“I spent six months basically on vacation. But I feel like now it’s time to kind of make a decision on where I want to go with my career, and one of the ways you can do that is by changing my look and my mindset.”

What Roles Did Nolan Gould Play After Modern Family?

  • Travis Tordjman in three episodes of What’s Up North (2020)
  • himself in Celebrity Dating Game (2021)
  • Chase Sams in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy (2022)
  • Andrew in The Nana Project (2023)
  • James Valenti in Miranda’s Victim (2023)

Even though, at the time of this writing, Gould hasn’t acted much since Modern Family, he is still interested in having an impressive acting career. In an interview with Da Man Magazine, Gould spoke more about his career plans and he said, “It was strange detaching myself from Luke after playing him for so long. It makes me sad to think I’ll never act or read lines as him again.”



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Gould continued:

“But at the same time, I spent over half my life pretending to be him and so I look forward to seeing what other roles I can do and how I can push myself as an actor.”

Nolan Gould in a scene from Modern Family
via ABC

It’s possible that instead of feeling rushed to star in another TV series or take on a lot of movie roles, Nolan Gould wants to be careful about where to go next. Since he has millions of dollars in the bank, he is in a great position.

Nolan Gould Kept Earning Money After Modern Family

Even though Nolan Gould’s acting resume after Modern Family is fairly sparse, the actor continues to earn money thanks to Modern Family residuals. While the exact amount he makes is unknown, fans can assume that he is making a fairly good amount thanks to the overwhelming success of the sitcom.

Nolan Gould when he was younger on Modern Family
via ABC

However, it should be noted that Gould might earn more from Modern Family reruns than from streaming residuals. As Us Weekly reported, the topic of streaming residuals was a negotiation point during the 2023 WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike. For example, Jake Thomas, who starred on Lizzie McGuire, said he once received $8 and Mandy Moore said she was paid 81 cents at a time for This Is Us.

What Notable Projects Has The Modern Family Cast Starred In Since The Sitcom Ended?

  • Sofia Vergara: Strays (2023)
  • Julie Bowen: Totally Killer (2023)
  • Sarah Hyland: My Fake Boyfriend (2022), Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (2022)
  • Ty Burrell: Duncanville (2020-2022)
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Cocaine Bear (2023)
  • Eric Stonestreet: The Santa Clauses (2023)

Gould also earned money from his two 2023 movies and his one-episode appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. While his salary for The Nana Project, Miranda’s Victim, and the hospital TV drama haven’t been shared publicly, he must have earned tens of thousands of dollars.



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According to Backstage, the minimum SAG/AFTRA rate when an actor appears in a movie as a supporting or main character is $65,000.

Nolan Gould on the red carpet
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However, an actor could be paid more than that. Also according to Backstage, if an actor appears on a TV show in a guest star capacity, they could earn $1,500 or $3,000. Although his salaries are unclear, it’s possible to guess that Nolan Gould didn’t earn a fortune from his projects after Modern Family. However, he is still adding to his net worth, and fans can assume that he will act more in the future.

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