Nolan Gould Admitted It Felt “Strange” Not Being Able To Play Luke Dunphy Anymore On Modern Family


  • Sofia Vergara and the Modern Family cast felt emotional during the show’s finale scenes in 2020.
  • Nolan Gould struggled to detach from his character Luke Dunphy after spending half his life playing him.
  • Gould opened up about being harsh on himself during puberty while filming Modern Family, growing up on TV.

Modern Family broke many hearts when it ended in 2020 after 11 seasons. That includes its cast, whose other members had a 40% raise. Shortly after the finale, Sofia Vergara who used criticism in portraying Gloria — said everyone was “so upset” during their last scenes.

Ty Burrell, whom Julie Bowen called the “scariest” person she’s ever worked with, said it was “tough” doing their last table reading. Nolan Gould even struggled to “detach” from playing Luke Dunphy. Gould was 10 years old when the ABC show started.

By the time it ended, he was 21 and was no longer “harsh” with himself. Months after the series wrapped, he spoke about “living life to the fullest.” But the transition wasn’t easy. Here’s what the young actor revealed about his time on Modern Family.


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Nolan Gould “Felt Strange Detaching” From Playing Luke Dunphy In Modern Family

Nolan Gould "Felt Strange Detaching" From Playing Luke Dunphy In Modern Family
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Speaking to DAMAN in August 2020 (four months after Modern Family ended), Gould said it “felt strange detaching” from Luke. “It was strange detaching myself from Luke after playing him for so long. It makes me sad to think I’ll never act or read lines as him again,” he shared.

“But at the same time, I spent over half my life pretending to be him,” he added, “and so I look forward to seeing what other roles I can do and how I can push myself as an actor.” He also opened up about his “emotional” last day on the set.

“It was very emotional but it also felt like a celebration of our show. It was very surreal and there were times when I wasn’t sure if it was really happening.”

He continued: “I had spent 11 years straight with this group of people. I’m sad that I don’t get to see them as often now.” After watching the last episode with “some of his] best friends,” he recalled it getting “emotional and very surreal” and that “afterwards, the entire cast got together on a Zoom call to celebrate and discuss everything.”

In an interview with ABC Audio, ahead of the finale, Gould said: “The cast and crew will forever be part of my life and the experiences and the memories. It’s changed me, like, to the core.” He then joked: “I’m going to be unemployed for the first time in eleven years… I’ve got some resumes if you guys know anybody passing out. Keep an ear to the ground for me.”

Nolan Gould has a net worth of $12 million.


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Nolan Gould Admitted He Was “Harsh” To Himself During Modern Family

Nolan Gould Admitted He Was "Harsh" To Himself During Modern Family
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Growing up on TV wasn’t easy for Gould. He admitted to being “harsh” to himself when puberty hit while filming Modern Family. When DAMAN asked if there was anything he’d change about playing Luke, he said: “As far as performance goes, no. I think that I would be a little gentler towards myself when I was going through puberty.”

“I had a tendency to judge myself kind of harshly for the way my body looked or my voice sounded.”

During a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, three months after the show’s last episode, Gould recalled “one season… where [he] hit puberty right as [they] went on a break.” He said it was “strange” going through all those changes for “everyone to see” on TV. “So I came back and had completely changed, but, like, not quite enough,” he recounted.

“My voice was cracking constantly, and I couldn’t get through one sentence without my voice [breaking],” he continued. “It is, kind of, I think strange having those years broadcast to millions people. It’s like your home movies, but for everyone to see.” Her sister on the show, Ariel Winter, added that “it’s really difficult to grow up in front of millions people who have an opinion on everything you do and who are allowed to say it at any point.”

Here are the projects Gould has done since Modern Family wrapped:


“Nolan Gould’s Six Tips for Being a White Ally” (an essay in support of the Black Lives Matter movement)


What’s Up North (for 3 episodes)


Grey’s Anatomy (one-time guest star)


Starred in Miranda’s Victim


Starred in The Nana Project


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Nolan Gould Misses Ariel Winter The Most From The Modern Family Cast

Nolan Gould Misses Ariel Winter The Most From The Modern Family Cast
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Aside from his attachment to Luke, what Gould said he’d miss the most from Modern Family is the free meals. “Free Food. Free food is pretty awesome. I’ve made out like a bandit over the years,” he told ABC Audio. “Sometimes I bring Tupperware in with me and, you know, we have leftovers … I bring it home with me. That’s great, especially as a young man, 21 years old, that’s how I survive.”

Jokes aside, he said he also misses Winter who became his best friend over the years. “Ariel Winter, who played Alex Dunphy, is one of my best friends in real life,” he told DAMAN in August 2020.

In May 2019, Gould told Hollywood Life that he and Winter — who struggled to be treated as an adult on set – “kept in touch the most” among the cast members. “I definitely keep in touch with Ariel the most, we moved into the same neighborhood and stuff,” he said.

“She’s like three minutes away from me, so it’s like when I go home from work, I just see Ariel out on like walks and stuff.”

On Gould’s 21st birthday, Winter paid him a sweet Instagram tribute, saying: “We’ve gone through almost every weird and awkward stage in our young lives together, and there’s no one else I’d rather have done that with. You’ve always been here for me and I will ALWAYS be here for you. It’s really special & rare to have a connection like ours in this industry/life so I just feel grateful for you!!! Thanks for being the best.”

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