Melissa Rauch’s “Edgy” Dress On TBBT Stole A Season 6 Scene


  • Fans praised Melissa Rauch’s appearance in a red dress on The Big Bang Theory, making it a memorable scene.
  • Rauch was initially signed for just one episode of TBBT, but her perfect fit on the show led to a permanent stay.
  • Mayim Bialik wasn’t thrilled with Amy’s edgier makeover, feeling it conflicted with the character’s essence.

We turn back to season 6 of The Big Bang Theory. Raj gets to enjoy a night out with the girls, but before they leave, Kaley Cuoco’s Penny character shows the guys exactly what they are missing out on. Melissa Rauch got quite the reaction for her outfit, showing a different side of Bernadette.

In the following, we’re going to take a look back at how Rauch stole the scene. In addition, we’re going to take a look at what the fans had to say. We’re going to wrap things up by also looking at how Rauch got on the show, and how Mayim Bialik took exception to a dress during her stint on the series.

Let’s get started.


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Fans Were Buzzing Over Melissa Rauch’s Dress During The Episode, The Santa Simulation

It was a memorable scene during the season six episode, The Santa Simulation. The episode aired over a decade ago, back in December of 2012. The boys’ game of Dungeons and Dragons takes a turn after the girls show up and model their outfits for their outing.

Penny announces, “I thought you’d like to see what you’re missing out on. Bernadette.” She gets a massive reaction from the audience, while the guys are also looking on in disbelief. Penny continues, “Bernadette’s wearing leopard print pumps and a radtastic red dress from Forever 21.

Amy is next up showing off her “ankles.” It made for a fantastic scene and among the most memorable of the entire series, with over 6 million views online.


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Fans had a lot to say in the comments section and, for the most part, it was praise for Melissa Rauch and her appearance.

Fans wrote, “When Bernadette walked in good lord.” Another fan writes, “Bernie’s red dress was the best of them all!”

It made for a great scene and one fans had a blast with, particularly because they saw a different side of Melissa Rauch on the show.

Melissa Rauch Was Only Signed For One Episode Of TBBT

Melissa Rauch was the perfect fit on The Big Bang Theory. However, the tell-all take of her audition proves things weren’t exactly straightforward during her attempt to get the role. Not only that, but Rauch wasn’t given any guarantees and at the time, it was only a one-episode cameo.

“It was for one episode at the time and it was a dream come true.”

Melissa Rauch wearing a shiny black dress
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Rauch admitted she was extra excited about this particular audition, given that she was already a fan of the show at the time.

“I got the audition in my email and it said Big Bang Theory and it was a show that I’d been watching. I was excited and psyched myself out thinking there was no way. There were a ton of girls at the audition. When they brought me in a second time for all the producers, they’d narrowed it down to six of us.”

Getting so close, Rauch revealed things took a turn when she started randomly using a Canadian accent.

“I had to say the word “about” and it came out “abouuuut,” and Chuck asked me if I was Canadian. My nerves were making me sound Canadian! I did the audition with my Bernadette voice — though it was a bit lower. I had my mom’s voice in my head and was trying to do that. I got the call on my drive back to my shitty apartment and I was so excited.”

At the time, Rauch was content just to appear in one episode. Of course, that changed into a permanent stay and a perfect fit with the main characters.

Mayim Bialik Wasn’t Thrilled Over An Episode That Saw Amy Dress “Edgier”

Fans got to see quite the makeover for Amy ahead of the Nobel Prize win. Although fans embraced the “polished” look that Amy was sporting, the actress herself wasn’t exactly thrilled about the choice. Mayim Bialik revealed she didn’t agree with the choice.

Mayim Bialik
via CBS

“This is a case where I don’t know that I agreed with our writers,” she revealed.

“I loved that I got to wear some nicer clothes, and it was really a thrill to have my hair cut after having the same [style] for all those years… but in some ways, it did feel like a betrayal of our Amy. We didn’t go crazy and have her dressing in ways that completely didn’t look like her… but it was definitely something I had conflict about. I thought it would be, ‘Let’s dress Amy up and take her out for the night!’ I didn’t think it would be, like, here’s her new normal.”

Bialik was clearly protective of Amy, and her appearance on the show.

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