Mayim Bialik Lost Some Of Her Earnings On The Big Bang Theory Because Of A “Gruesome” Lawsuit


  • Mayim Bialik almost lost her hand in a car accident, but The Big Bang Theory creatively hid her injury on the show.
  • Bialik faced tough moments behind the scenes, including an illness that caused her to be out for a month.
  • The actress also struggled with her romantic life during her time on The Big Bang Theory, but has since found love again.

Looking back, Mayim Bialik enjoyed a great career resurgence on The Big Bang Theory. She took on the role with little knowledge of the series, despite its early success. She ended up being the perfect fit, and the likes of Jim Parsons ensured early on that she wouldn’t be going anywhere given their chemistry on the show.

Amy’s rise on-screen was great, but it was a different reality for Bialik behind the scenes, who faced several struggles. In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at some of them, and a particular moment that almost caused Bialik to lose her hand.

We’re going to reveal what took place, and other struggles Mayim faced along the way.


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Mayim Bialik Missed Time On The Big Bang Theory After Almost Losing Her Hand In A Car Accident

We turn back the calendar to 2013 for this particular incident. In October of said year, TMZ reported that Mayim Bialik was suing over a car accident. The potential result wasn’t pretty, as The Big Bang Theory star almost lost a hand. She was enjoying major career success at the time thanks to the comedy series, but the accident derailed things. Thankfully, the series was very creative with hiding the injury – similar to when Kaley Cuoco suffered a leg injury, the show was able to hide it.

Mayim Bialik
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According to TMZ, Bialik’s accident took place with Chilean tourists.

TMZ wrote, “As we reported, Bialik was driving in her white Volvo last August when it was struck by a 2013 Mustang in a Hollywood intersection. The other car was filled with Chilean tourists.”

“At the time, a source told us there was blood everywhere at the crash scene, stemming from major damage to Mayim’s hand. Another source said “her finger was almost completely severed … it was just hanging there.”

As for the lawsuit itself, “lost wages” was among the damages reported. “She’s suing for unspecified damages, but that includes lost wages — and since she earns a reported 5 figures per episode on “Big Bang,” it could really add up,” TMZ wrote at the time.


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Bialik would see a salary increase in the later seasons, making six-figures. Nonetheless, it was a scary situation and one that could’ve been a lot worse. As for the lawsuit settlement, there was no public report. It was likely settled outside of court.

Mayim Bialik Had Other Tough Moments Behind The Scenes On The Big Bang Theory, Including An Illness That Caused Her Hiatus

Mayim Bialik had other tough moments during her breakout on The Big Bang Theory. One of them was a traumatizing scene on The Big Bang Theory that caused Bialik to be out for a month.

Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory
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Complications started when Bialik decided to lose weight for the wedding scene with Jim Parsons. The emotional stress was already a lot to handle for the actress.

Bialik revealed, “As a divorced woman, it’s hard to revisit that moment and those decisions. It’s still painful to think about putting on the dress you take vows in. The dress that is in every picture of the perfect happy life you think you will have when you’re young and getting married.”


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The moment resulted in a bacterial illness for Mayim Bialik. “I didn’t feel my best. And I felt crummy about it. Even though everyone said I looked beautiful, I didn’t feel completely beautiful.”

Certainly a tough day at the office for Bialik, despite the fact that the season finale episode was a major fan favorite.

Mayim Bialik Also Struggled With Her Romantic Life During The Big Bang Theory

In the same year as her wedding scene, Mayim Bialik got candid about being single over the holidays. That’s right, adding to the stress of it all, the actress was fresh off a tough breakup.

Mayim Bialik Praised Kunal Nayyar For His Spiritual Journey
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“My love story is nothing particularly exceptional. I mean, he was — er, is. I was an exceptional iteration of myself with him. For five years in fact. And now it’s over.”

“There is rarely good timing for a break up,” she wrote. “But most certainly, the worst time is now. In case he is reading this, I’m just meh with this timing. Because say what you will, the holidays are a time to not be recently broken up.”

“Commercials tell me this is the time of year to buy the woman you love expensive jewelry. It’s also when people get proposed to,” Bialik continued. “And I would be lying if I said it didn’t enter my mind that this holiday season might hold a promise of a secure future for me.”

Fast-forward to today and Bialik has found love again alongside her current partner, Jonathan Cohen.

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