Matthew Perry’s Character On Friends Was Supposed To Take A Dark Turn Fans Would Not Have Forgave Him For


  • Matthew Perry refused a scene on “Friends” that would have had Chandler cheating on Monica, recognizing that fans would never forgive him for it.
  • Perry also turned down a storyline that involved Chandler going to a male strip club, showing his creative input on the show.
  • John Krasinski, like Perry, refused a cheating scene on “The Office” because he believed it would push the audience too far and they would never come back.

Throughout its history, Friends had some questionable storylines. Joey dating Rachel was actually joked about years prior between David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc. The moment didn’t sit well with fans, and thankfully it was short-lived.

There was another potential catastrophic moment. This one was between Monica and Chandler. Thankfully, Matthew Perry stepped and refused the pitch. We’re going to reveal what was said, and why Perry refused. We’re also going to reveal another storyline Perry refused during the series, and which comedy star refused a similar scene to what Perry turned down.


What Happened Between Matthew Perry And Aisha Tyler On The Set Of Friends?

Matthew Perry was an encouraging figure for Aisha Tyler when she joined the cast of Friends.

Matthew Perry Refused A Scene That Saw Him Cheat On Monica

We turn back the calendar to 1999. Friends was the hottest show on television, while Chandler’s relationship with Monica was loved by fans. However, there was a pitch made that could have completely changed the dynamic of their relationship and, in fact, a guest star claims she actually rehearsed the fateful scene that got axed.

Lisa Cash was indeed supposed to appear during the episode that saw the cast of Friends in Vegas. She said of the episode, “I was told that [Perry] went to the writers and said the audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica, which ― he was probably right.

That would have changed possibly the course of the show, and of his character.”

Credit to Perry for refusing the storyline. As for Lisa Cash, she still appeared in a lesser role on the show as a flight attendant.

Despite the nixed storyline, she praised her time alongside Matthew Perry.

“I was new to the industry, and it could have been really intimidating for me ― like, Season 5 of ‘Friends,’ and a scene with Matthew Perry!” she told TMZ. “But I just felt so comfortable, and he was really likable and welcoming and just made me feel at ease … It was just really fun doing the scene with him.”

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox
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The “Golden Rule” The Cast Of Friends Never Dared To Break Off-Camera, According To Matthew Perry

The cast of Friends stayed true to a certain rule despite the temptation to break it.

The moment could have ruined things for lots of fans. Perry stepped in and, in truth, it wasn’t the only time the actor was against a certain scene on the show.

Matthew Perry Also Turned Down A Strip Club Scene On Friends

Throughout his stint on Friends, Matthew Perry had a lot of creative output behind the scenes. The actor would add his own humor to certain moments on the show, and was regarded as a comedic genius in that regard.

However, there were also moments when Perry stepped in. Speaking alongside Andy Cohen, Perry revealed the Friends storyline that caused him to step in and ban it from the show.

“There was a storyline on Friends where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches,” the actor responded. “And I called up and was like, ‘Let’s not do this one.'”

Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston
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Matthew Perry’s Assistant Made A Strange Phone Call After She Found Him Deceased

The ‘Friends’ actor’s assistant made several phone calls, including a mysterious one, after finding him unresponsive in a jacuzzi.

The storyline certainly would’ve made for an odd moment on the show. Nonetheless, Perry would have turned that particular scene into gold regardless, with a doubt.

John Krasinski Also Rejected A Cheating Scene On The Office

Similar to Matthew Perry, John Krasinski refused to film The Office scene where Jim cheats on Pam. Krasinski admits throughout his lengthy stint on the comedy series, that it was the first time he said no to a storyline.

“That’s the only time I remember putting my foot down. I remember saying things that I never thought I’d say before, like, ‘I’m not going to shoot it.”

Jim and Pam on The Office
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Krasinski felt that the show would lose viewers with such a storyline.

“My feeling is there is a threshold with which you can push our audience. They are so dedicated. We have shown such great respect to them. But there’s a moment where if you push them too far, they’ll never come back. And I think that if you show Jim cheating, they’ll never come back.”

The actor went on to admit that causing this type of doubt was good for the show on the road to its finale.

“I feel like that kind of worry was good in terms of the fans’ engagement,” he said. “I needed to worry them that maybe I was going to give them a bad ending so they were happy when they got a good ending.”

Looking back, Krasinski was completely right as such a scene would not have been accepted by many diehard Office fans.

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