Laura Prepon And Topher Grace Were Completely Clueless After Wilmer Valderrama Went Off-Script During Their That ’70s Show Scene

Despite the show ending years ago, fans still love to hear about what went on behind the scenes on That ’70s Show. Both Laura Prepon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt had opposite experiences being intimate with Topher Grace. It is those types of stories fans love to hear.

As for Wilmer Valderrama, although the actor was ready to move on from That ’70s Show, he had a blast on the series. In the following, we’ll take a look back at some of his iconic moments on the show, including an improvised scene Topher Grace and Laura Prepon were not expecting.

We’ll also reveal how Wilmer’s path to success was very unlikely, especially at the start.

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Wilmer Valderrama’s Career In Hollywood Started Off As A Side Hustle

Wilmer Valderrama on the red carpet
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Wilmer Valderrama enjoyed massive career success. Of course, a major contribution to his $20 million net worth turned out to be That ’70s Show. However, getting started in Hollywood provided no guarantees for Wilmer, in fact, the actor was advised by his father to join the industry as a side hustle, and a way to make some extra money. Valderrama’s father didn’t see it as a stable source of income long-term.

The actor discussed his entry into the entertainment world alongside Good Housekeeping.

“I said to my dad, “So I heard that if I audition and get some commercials, I might be able to get a little money.” At the time we were struggling, we were just breaking even. My dad ultimately said to me, “You can do this little fun, side, part-time hobby of acting …. if you get good grades. If you don’t have [good] grades, you don’t get to audition for anything.” I was like, “Okay, fine!” So that was the bargain — I would get my education and aim to be something more “reasonable” than an actor.”

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Wilmer went on to reveal that he learned to love the process of acting along the way, while it also helped his speaking skills as well.

That ’70s Show proved to be his major career breakthrough, and success followed once the show wrapped. However, he enjoyed some memorable moments on the show. One in particular had fans laughing, while Topher Grace and Laura Prepon were left confused.

The Producers Told Wilmer Valderrama To Attack Laura Prepon, But Laura And Topher Grace Weren’t Told

The episode is entitled, ‘Garage Sale‘. During the particular scene, Donna isn’t exactly happy with Eric given that he can’t leave the garage sale for a trip to the movie theaters. Two characters end up play fighting but what they don’t know is that the producers on the show secretly told Fez to also get involved.

Laura Prepon has a hilarious look on her face once Valderrama starts getting physical during the scene as well. Credit to the entire cast as they made the scene work, despite the on the spot improv.

Credit to Ms. Mojo for the entertaining top ten countdown. The specific moment in question can be found at the 5:10 mark of the video.

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The series featured several other moments of improvisation, while the blooper-reel itself deserves to have its own show. Fans have binged the outtakes for years, they have millions of views online. Clearly, the cast had a great time shooting the series years ago. Though it appears Mila Kunis felt differently making her return to the set.

Mila Kunis Revealed Filming That ’90s Show Was A Lot More Difficult, While Wilmer Valderrama Went Back On His Promise

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Laura Prepon cried during her return to the That ’70s Show set. As for Mila Kunis, she was apparently ‘tripped out’ by the experience. Not only was she battling nostalgia but this time around, she was shooting scenes with Ashton Kutcher as her husband. It made the process that much more difficult.

Kunis revealed, “We’re going to do one scene together … playing a married couple in it … I’ve never been more nervous in my life.”

“It was so weird to look at him and not be like, ‘Why are you doing that funny face?’ Or for him not to look at me and be like, ‘Why are you acting so…’ There’s a part of you that, after being together, and you can call BS on someone,” she explained.

“It’s trippy, because we were in the same house, and it takes place in the same basement, but we’re old and married and have children,” Kunis revealed. “It was like being in Twilight Zone. It was very, very weird.”

Others had a blast on the show and that includes Wilmer Valderrama who went back on his promise. The actor stated in the past that he’d never return to a role with a fake accent again. But ultimately, it was just too great of a gig to pass on.

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