Kevin Sussman Revealed He Wasn’t Acting During A “Horrifying” And “Disgusting” Scene On The Big Bang Theory



  • Kevin Sussman and Kunal Nayyar were both uncomfortable and disturbed by a hot tub scene on The Big Bang Theory, where Sussman had to go underwater.
  • Kaley Cuoco also had a scene that she was repulsed by, involving her being covered in hair for the Serial Apeist storyline.
  • Despite his contributions to the show, Kevin Sussman is not happy with the residuals for the supporting cast, as they have been severely cut down with the move to streaming services.

The main cast was impressive, but The Big Bang Theory also had great supporting actors. Kevin Sussman was among those names, and a very underrated part of the show’s success.

However, the actor wasn’t fond of every scene during the show. In the following, we’re going to take a look back at a hot tub scene featuring Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman. It would appear as though both actors were underwhelmed by the scene, and actually “disturbed.” We’re going to reveal what went down, and other scenes that the main cast opposed.

Let’s take a closer look!



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Kevin Sussman Hated Going Underwater During A Hot Tub Scene On The Big Bang Theory

It only makes sense that throughout its 12 season run, Big Bang Theory actors had a hard time filming certain scenes. The cast has been very open about their struggles on-set, and that includes their beloved, Kevin Sussman.

This “forgettable” moment takes place during season 10 as Raj and Stuart use Howard and Bernadette’s hot tub. The only problem with this particular scene is the fact that Sussman hates going underwater, and that the hot tub wasn’t exactly clean…

Sussman recalls during the Comic Con panel in 2017, “It was a little disgusting … the hot tub was slightly dirty. I don’t like putting my head underwater ever … A bunch of people had to coach me, you know, ‘it’s going to be okay … we have a lot of people around.'”

The actor adds that the experience was “disgusting” and “horrifying.”

Kunal Nayyar agreed that it wasn’t one of their finest scenes to shoot.


The Big Bang Theory Cast Never Wore MCU Costumes, And It Was All Because Of A Strict CBS Rule

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This was far from the only time a star on the show took exception to a certain scene.

Kaley Cuoco Also Had A Scene On The Big Bang Theory She Was Repulsed By

There were other episodes that didn’t sit well with the cast. Kaley Cuoco hated the Serial Apeist storyline that saw her covered with hair. As expected, the prep for the scene was a complete disaster. Although Cuoco tried to convince Lorre to nix those plans, it was still a go.

“The worst experience was filming Serial Apeist and getting covered in hair from head to toe,” she says. “I was like, ‘Really, you guys? This is what’s happening?’ And Chuck just thought it was so funny. He loved it. I never understood why.”

However, Lorre himself would soon realzie that the idea wasn’t his best…

“We wanted Penny to have some small success in her from of being a successful actor, but it’s not my favorite episode,” he explains.

“Doing a show within a show — writing the ‘bad’ scenes that she’s in in an otherwise good show — was not our finest moment. The goal was legitimate, which was to put her in a bad move and see her struggling to make something work.”


Kaley Cuoco Admitted Appearing On The Big Bang Theory Was A Nightmare For Even The Most Established Stars

Kaley Cuoco revealed appearing on The Big Bang Theory was a different environment for even the most experienced actors.

It was inevitable that the cast members didn’t enjoy every scene. Kunal Nayyar in particular hated the fact that he couldn’t say anything during the early portion of the show when the opposite sex was around due to his mutism. Thankfully, this wasn’t a long-term plan as things eventually changed for Raj.

Kevin Sussman Isn’t Overly Thrilled With His Residual Pay Post-Big Bang Theory

Ask any Big Bang Theory fans and chances are they’ll tell you that Kevin Sussman was very underrated throughout his time on the show. The writers and creators ensured that he’d be featured during the finale given his contributions to the show throughout the years.

Despite his impact, Kevin Sussman wasn’t impressed with the residuals for the supporting cast. With streaming services coming into play, Sussman revealed that the backend pays have been cut down severely, despite the show still making big profits.

Sussman revealed, “For me the big issue is residuals for streaming. I’ve known that it’s been untenable for years. I was surprised that it took this long for there to be a strike like this. I’ve seen residuals for my own shows absolutely tank once they go to streaming. I’m lucky because I was on The Big Bang Theory, which was on a broadcast network for years. Since it moved to streaming [like Max and Amazon Prime], it’s night and day. I don’t see how it’s possible for an upcoming actor these days to actually be able to make a living.”

Here’s to hoping the backend profits improve, creating a more sustainable culture for future actors.


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