Julie Bowen Surprisingly Called Ty Burrell The “Scariest” Person She’s Ever Worked With


  • $500K/episode made ‘Modern Family’ stars Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell rich off-screen, leading to their quiet lives away from Hollywood.
  • Julie Bowen praised Ty Burrell’s talent, calling him the ‘scariest person’ to work with due to his unpredictable performances.
  • Ty Burrell took a break from Hollywood after ‘Modern Family,’ focusing on family and philanthropy while being open to new projects.

Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell played “one of sitcoms’ best couples” in Modern Family as Claire and Phil Dunphy (Thank God, Burrell didn’t lose the role to Brendan Fraser). But after the show ended in 2020, the pair “just disappeared from the face of the earth,” per a famous meme. Fans don’t blame the actors, though. Each of them made $500,000 per episode.

The duo has made quite a fortune even without Ed O’Neil’s special backend deal – enough to live comfortably, away from Hollywood. But what was their relationship like while working together? Was it as deceptive/well-performed as the straight Eric Stonestreet playing a gay man in the show? In an old interview, Bowen said Burrell was “the scariest person I’ve ever worked with…”


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Julie Bowen Said Ty Burrell Is The “Scariest” To Work With Because “He’s So Good”

Julie Bowen Said Ty Burrell Is The
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In a 2011 interview, Bowen told More Magazine that she “could just cry talking about Ty Burrell.” She was referring to her co-star’s low profile life in Utah. “I could cry just talking about Ty Burrell. This is a man who lives in Utah. In this industry, most people are committed to Hollywood or Beverly Hills or Malibu. This is a man who is committed to Utah.” She then raved about the Out of Practice alum’s “scary” performance in Modern Family.

“He is also the scariest person I’ve ever worked with because he’s so good that you don’t know what is going to come out next,” Bowen said of Burrell.

That year, both actors won the Primetime Emmy Awards in their respective categories. In February 2020, Bowen admitted to “sobbing” again. This time, during the final table read of Modern Family alongside her onscreen husband. “It’s getting a little real,” she said back then. “I don’t like table reads to begin with.”

She continued: “I hate them as a performative thing, because they make me very anxious. It’s like doing a play. And so I thought I wouldn’t care, that I’d be thrilled when we were done. I was sobbing and sobbing by the end. Turns out I’m not going to have any control over my emotions during this process.”

Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell “leaned on each other” like siblings to calm each other’s nerves on the set of
Modern Family


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Ty Burrell Said Julie Bowen “Is Not Afraid To Look Bad” For Comedy

Ty Burrell Said Julie Bowen
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In the same interview, Burrell also commended Bowen for her fearlessness in comedy. “[Julie] is not afraid to look bad,” he said of his onscreen wife. “I think in particular for women in Hollywood, that’s not an easy thing, to be willing to make yourself look ugly for a joke or be completely out of control in a way that isn’t flattering. And Julie always does that.

“She’s all in – there are limbs flying everywhere,” Burrell said of Bowen’s commitment to her roles.

Bowen and Burrell have obviously gone through a lot throughout the 11 seasons of Modern Family. So during their last table read, the latter also got emotional. “The table read was kind of tough, just having it actually dawn on everybody that it’s over,” he confessed at that time. However, he clarified that “I honestly feel like the dominant emotion isn’t sadness.”

The Duncanville voice actor explained: “It’s actually sort of an overwhelming gratitude that has a lot of people feeling emotional. It’s just feeling really grateful to have had the experience and to have been with these people, understanding how rare and special it’s been.”

Unlike Bowen who still make appearances on TV these days, Burrell seems to have gone off the grid for good. To be fair, he’s built quite a portfolio even before his role as Phil Dunphy. Here’s a some of his most notable shows and films aside from Modern Family:





Out of Practice

Dr. Oliver Barnes


Back to You

Gary Crezyzewski


National Treasure: Book of Secrets



The Incredible Hulk



Muppets Most Wanted

Jean Pierre Napoleon


Boondoggle (mini-series)

Ty (a semi-fictional version of himself)



Jack Harris (voice)


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Why Was Ty Burrell Absent At The Modern Family Reunion In November 2023?

Why Was Ty Burrell Absent At The Modern Family Reunion In November 2023?
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In November 2023, the cast of Modern Family surprised fans with an almost complete Thanksgiving reunion. Burrell was absent but was represented by a framed photo of him. It worried fans as they thought the actor had died. But as it turned out, he was simply busy that evening. In 2017, he announced that he’d take a break from Hollywood after Modern Family. So that’s probably where he was that night.

“I think I’m not really willing to travel very much anymore, or miss too many dinners away from my kids,” Burrell told
Haute Living Los Angeles
back then.

He continued: “[So] there’s a possibility that I may step away from performing altogether when the show is over. However, he noted that he’d still be open to doing new projects as long as they’re “something like another television show, where it was close to home and I knew the hours were going to allow me to be around the way that [Modern Family] has.”

He’s probably leaning into more off-camera work as well. At that time, he was “taking my lumps as a producer and really enjoying learning how to do that.” The feature was also about his philanthropic work with K.I.T.S. – an organization that helps mentor underserved kids in the foster care system.

Ty Burrell has been married to Holly Burrell since 2000. They have two daughters together, Frances and Greta.

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