Julie Bowen Revealed Ariel Winter Was Purposely “Covered Up” For The Sake Of Her Character On Modern Family


  • Ariel Winter faced struggles with her appearance on Modern Family, but Julie Bowen admired her strength and resilience against online criticism.
  • Bowen disclosed that Winter was made to wear “shape-destroying clothes” to hide her appearance on the show, reflecting her character’s personality.
  • Winter admitted growing up in front of the public eye was difficult, especially with fans commenting on her clothes and appearance.

It turned into a top tier comedy series on ABC. Modern Family had the perfect cast. However, there were some struggles behind the scenes. Sarah Hyland doesn’t remember certain episodes, while Ariel Winter struggled with her appearance on the show.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at Ariel Winter’s struggles, and how her wardrobe was purposely manipulated, according to Julie Bowen. Winter’s Modern Family mom had a lot to say about her co-star, and among those reveals was how she learned from Ariel during their stint together.

Let’s take a closer look at what Bowen had to say.


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Julie Bowen Revealed Modern Family Made Ariel Winter Wear “Shape-Destroying Clothes” To Hide Her “Sexy” Look

Julie Bowen had a close connection to her Modern Family co-stars, and that especially held true for her TV children. Back in 2013, Julie Bowen dished on her Modern Family co-stars. Among her reveals included how she really felt about Ariel Winter’s appearance on the show. Bowen called her co-star, “sexy,” while she claims the show did its best to keep her looking “nerdy.”

Bowen revealed, “They do a lot to hide it because her character is nerdy and her character would have a hard time embracing the body that that one just has. And so there’s a lot of baggy sweatshirts and shape-destroying clothes going on.”

Bowen adds, “But when we see her in the morning, we know what we really have. They keep her good and covered up. And she’s a good girl, she’s a good girl. But it is very interesting to go through all that teenage stuff with fake kids before I have to do it with my real kids…. It is good training. Luckily, I don’t have girls, I only have boys.”

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Winter has commented on growing up in front of millions thanks to her role on Modern Family, and according to the actress, things weren’t always easy.

Ariel Winter Admitted Her “Body Changes” Were A Nightmare To Deal With During Modern Family

At a panel appearance at the 2020 Television Critics Association,Ariel Winter discussed the struggles of growing up in front of the public eye. Winter claims fans acted like they knew her personally, and that included making comments about the clothes she was wearing.

Winter revealed, “It’s really difficult to grow up in front of millions of people who have an opinion on everything you do, and who are allowed to say it at any point. [They] think they know you really well, and they think they can comment on everything you wear, everything you do, or how you grow up and change.”

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Winter added things were especially hard when she had braces, and was going through puberty on the show. “I especially hated the year I had braces,” Winter recalled. “I do have to say it was a really awkward year for me because I also went through puberty that summer. So it was, like, I had episodes with me in braces. And then over the summer, once we wrapped, I had … other things … and I looked different, but I still wasn’t quite, you know, fully through puberty.”

Ultimately, Winter felt as though she came out of the experience stronger, and with thicker skin.

Julie Bowen Admitted She Was Very Protective Of Her Modern Family Children

Not only was Bowen protective of her Modern Family children, but she also learned a lot from them as well. Bowen was extra protective of Winter and Hyland given that she never had girls. Bowen was amazed by Winter in particular, and how she didn’t care about online criticism.

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“I do feel very protective of my fake children. Especially my fake daughters, because I don’t have any daughters in real life. Ariel we all watched grow up and go through some personal trauma. I used to think I was giving her guidance, and it became very clear to me that I had more to learn from her.”

Bowen continues, “She does not care what is said about her online. And that is not a front, that is not a pretend thing. She does not care,” Bowen says of Winter. “She’ll post things that are personal or sexy or something that I don’t know if I could live with the reaction to if that was me. But she doesn’t care, and I realized, God bless her. I have to learn from her.”

Credit to Winter for maintaining such a strong character throughout her run on Modern Family.

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