Joy Behar Was Publicly Roasted By This Comedian Right After Her HLN Talk Show Was Canceled


  • Joy Behar’s self-titled talk show on HLN was unexpectedly canceled by the network.
  • HLN cited a desire to change their station’s theme away from entertainment news.
  • Joy Behar took the cancellation in stride when Gilbert Gottfried insulted her.

Comedian, actress, TV host, and commentator Joy Behar is unarguably best known for co-hosting the popular ABC daytime talk show The View. Behar’s quick wit, sense of humor, and outspokenness have made her an essential fixture on the show, so much so that the producers begged her to return to the program after she left in 2013.

During her absence, Behar capitalized on her TV popularity by hosting a show on the HLN network, aptly titled The Joy Behar Show. While the news program/talk show was short-lived, Behar had many memorable moments and guests, including Kiss front-man Gene Simmons and, most memorably, the late comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried.

During Gottfried’s last appearance on The Joy Behar show, he surprised her and viewers by roasting her live on air.

Gilbert Gottfried had been on Joy Behar’s show several times before his last appearance in December 2011. The segment also marked the talk show’s end after only one season on the HLN network.

As a homage to his friend and fellow comedian, Joy Behar, Gottfried had a few parting words that left the studio and viewers in laughter.


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Gottfried joked, “I don’t want to start a fight right now, but I’ve got to stand up and say that this is the last time I’m ever doing your show.” He then said he didn’t want to seem threatening, but he was never returning to the program, no matter how much she begged.

Joy Behar On The View
Via: Deposit/The View Youtube

Gottfried added that when they announced that the Joy Behar show was going off the air, he quipped that all Americans said, “She has a show?”

Joy Behar laughed and joined in by saying that he was right and that people went, “Who is she again?”

Gilbert Gottfried then compared Joy Behar’s show ending to when actress, comedian, and daytime talk show host Ellen Degerenous announced her sexuality. Behar asked Gottfried “Do you think it would help my ratings if I were to say I am not heterosexual?” Gottfried agreed that it would before he stated that he ought to as well, but that he couldn’t because people with that sexuality: “…actually get women, and I can’t.”

Joy Behar then mentioned his wife, but Gottfried implied that he didn’t have a particular body part, so he didn’t know how he got her.


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Gottfried then continued roasting Joy Behar by hypothesizing that if certain controversial public figures were to appear on her show, they wouldn’t have been found.

Gilbert Gottfried on the red carpet
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The two-minute-plus clip uploaded to the HLN network has garnered well over 300k views since it was posted.

One fan wrote in the comment section, “I honestly didn’t know Joy Behar had a show until I saw this clip.”

Another fan wrote, “The world is a sadder place without Gilbert Gottfried,” in reference to Gottfried’s untimely passing from an illness in 2022.

Someone else said, “Did everyone hear the camera crew and technicians in the background? They were laughing their a***off! GG is hysterical! ROFL!”

be bored.

Why Was Joy Behar’s HLN Talk Show Canceled?

After two years on the air, Joy Behar’s self-titled show on HLN was suddenly canceled by the network.

The news shocked audiences as there had been no previous reports that Behar’s talk show had been in trouble in any way. Even though Joy Behar made a joke about her show having low ratings with guest Gilbert Godfrey, viewership also wasn’t the reason the talk show ended.

Matthew McConaughey and Joy Behar
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So, what was the actual reason behind the sudden cancelation?

According to multiple reports in The Hollywood Reporter, the Joy Behar show was canceled despite a 38 percent increase in ratings during the show’s third quarter. The publication added that a spokesperson from HLN stated that the reason for the Joy Behar show leaving was because the network wanted to change the theme of their station away from entertainment news and trial coverage. Instead, the source from HLN said that the network wanted to focus more on politics and other similar topics.

Joy Behar
Via: ABC

But what did Joy Behar think about her show suddenly being canceled off of HLN? In an interview with The New York Times, Joy Behar stated that she felt overwhelmed when she first heard that her show was canceled. She added, “I’m hoping to be picked up by someone else, and I would like to bring some of my staff members with me.”


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No other network picked the show up, and Behar continued hosting duties on The View until she left the show in 2013, only to return by popular demand two years later in 2015.

Joy Behar later revealed on The View her feelings about her time hosting her show on HLN: “I was sort of a fish out of the water a little bit. They have a lot of crime on this network.”


Matthew McConaughey Was Praised By Fans For Refusing To Answer Joy Behar’s Question On The View

Matthew McConaughey gave the perfect response to Joy Behar’s controversial question on The View.

Many fans wondered if there was any tension between Joy Behar and the HLN network, as the latter seemed to have dropped Behar and her team without much warning. But HLN’s General Manager Scot Safon released a statement dispelling the rumors, “Joy and her team produced over 500 episodes of a show that featured news-making interviews, great conversation, and plenty of humor,” the manager added: “We thank Joy for the many memorable moments she gave the HLN audience.”

But how did Joy Behar feel about the HLN network? According to an interview in the New York Times, the comedian had no hard feelings and was taking everything in her stride.

Behar joked: “I was fired from WABC Radio back in the day, and they told me, ‘Do not come back in this building tomorrow.’ “

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