Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez Is Married And Lives A Secret Life With His Wife


  • Guillermo Rodriguez maintains a private life with his wife, keeping her identity secret.
  • Rodriguez shares a special bond with his son, Benji.
  • Beyond their on-screen partnership, Rodriguez and Jimmy Kimmel have formed a deep friendship.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a staple for late-night entertainment enthusiasts, drawing viewers for its host’s hilarious antics. However, there’s often an unsung hero lurking in the shadows, adding their unique charm and humor to the mix. One such personality is none other than Guillermo Rodriguez or simply Guillermo, the affable sidekick of late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

While Rodriguez may be best known for his endearing on-screen antics and infectious laughter, there’s more to this jovial Mexican-American comedian than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, Rodriguez leads a life that’s kept well away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, as he navigates the highs and lows of matrimony and domesticity.

Guillermo Rodriguez Maintains A Private Life With His Wife And Son

Guillermo Rodriguez has carved out a niche for himself by choosing to keep his private life away from the public eye. Instead, he preferred to shine the spotlight on the things he loves.

Despite his warm and welcoming nature, Rodriguez remains reserved when it comes to sharing details about his personal life, particularly concerning his wife.

Guillermo Rodriguez and his son Benjie Rodriguez
Via: Instar

He does not share his wife’s name on social media or tag her in any of his photos. However, a glimpse into their relationship emerged when he posted a photo of them attending their first-ever Jewish wedding together on September 1, 2014. In the photo shared on his Instagram, the couple appeared affectionate, with Rodriguez slightly shorter than his wife.

Rodriguez together with his wife and son were also seen on the red carpet premiere of the movie Coco in Los Angeles on November 8, 2017. Rodriguez and his wife were also photographed when they attended the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Latino Cinema & Television at Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles on November 13, 2022.

Jimmy Kimmel from the ABC late night show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez
via: The Things

Rodriguez values his privacy when it comes to his personal life, but there’s no hiding the profound love he holds for his son, Benji. His son shares a special bond with Rodriguez, centered around their shared passion for sports. Rodriguez often posts donning matching jerseys of their favorite team on his Instagram.

In 2020, on National Sons Day, Rodriguez took to Instagram to share a touching photo of them both on a baseball mound, both sporting Timber Rattlers t-shirts. In the caption, he expressed his love for Benji, calling him “the best.”

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In March 2021, Rodriguez expanded his family by adopting two adorable Chihuahua puppies. He introduced them to the world via Instagram, expressing his gratitude to @muttscouts for their assistance in rescuing these furry companions.

On December 1, 2022, as Benji celebrated another year of life, Rodriguez posted a heartwarming tribute on Instagram, alongside a photo of Benji with Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts.

Jimmy Kimmel And Guillermo Rodriguez Have Formed A Close Friendship Beyond The Late Night Show

Guillermo Rodriguez’s journey to becoming Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick is a tale filled with unexpected twists. Back in 2003, when the show first hit the airwaves, Rodriguez wasn’t vying for the limelight at all. Instead, he started as a humble parking lot attendant at the studio, a role that was anything but glamorous.

Jimmy Kimmel
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Rodriguez’s story took an unexpected turn when he unintentionally became part of the show’s history. After he was accidentally caught napping in Dicky Barrett’s car, Kimmel wasted no time in putting him on the show.

Rodriguez started on his journey with Jimmy Kimmel Live! initially as a star in the show’s skits. However, over time, he expanded his horizons, crisscrossing the nation for segments that showcased his culinary adventures, indulging in delectable offerings from local establishments.

Sometimes, his on-screen escapades even included heart-pounding stunts, like his daring descent down the 70-floor Skyslide in Los Angeles or an exhilarating rooftop soccer match alongside none other than Neymar Jr.

Jimmy Kimmel's Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez Is Married And Lives A Secret Life With His Wife
Via: TheThings

Undoubtedly, his job comes with enviable perks, affording him a front-row seat at prestigious events like the Oscars. And those memorable moments when he shared the screen with Hollywood royalty, planting kisses on the cheeks of luminaries like Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.

Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour of showbiz, Rodriguez shares a bond with Kimmel that extends far deeper than the studio lights. After two decades of working side by side, their friendship has become an integral part of their lives

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Rodriguez honored Kimmel by choosing him to be the godfather of his son, Benji. Their friendship extends beyond the confines of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as well.

As Rodriguez revealed to TV Insider, they frequently hang out together, watching football at Kimmel’s house and sharing genuine moments of friendship. This connection is so profound that Kimmel even named his son William, a heartfelt nod to the English version of Guillermo.

Guillermo Rodriguez Was Honored For His Hard Work And Dedication At Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While there have been questions swirling about whether Guillermo Rodriguez’s earnings on Jimmy Kimmel Live! do justice to his contributions, his financial standing tells quite a different story.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rodriguez boasts a commendable net worth of $2.5 million, and his compensation per episode reportedly stands at an impressive $500,000.

Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez
Via: Instar

In 2021, during a Los Angeles City Council meeting that marked the commencement of Latino Heritage Month, Rodriguez, along with three other individuals, received a prestigious honor. They were presented with certificates designating them as Latino Community Treasures, a recognition that spoke volumes about their significant contributions to their community and beyond.

Council member Monica Rodriguez, while bestowing this honor, underscored Rodriguez’s exceptional impact: “Guillermo is just one of those household names, figures on national television at a time particularly when Latinos are so under-represented.”

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Guillermo Rodriguez thanked Kimmel for giving him a shot at television fame in his speech. He revealed that Kimmel’s words to him then still resonate today: “Listen, I’m looking for someone just like you. Not a buff guy, no muscles, nothing like that. I want someone like you with a little belly, someone who’s funny, someone who wants to enjoy life.”

Rodriguez cultivated a close-knit bond with none other than Jimmy Kimmel over the years. Their friendship has grown to a point where they consider each other practically family.

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