Howard Stern Slammed Linda Ronstadt’s Weight Issues After She Feuded With Robin Quivers On TV


  • Howard Stern viciously attacked Linda Ronstadt on air for criticizing his radio show and insulting his co-host Robin Quivers.
  • Robin Quivers defended Stern’s persona on air as a character, prompting an argument with Ronstadt on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • Ronstadt and Quivers clashed over Stern’s comedy style, leading to a heated exchange of opinions and accusations on national television.

Howard Stern was positively furious with music superstar Linda Ronstadt after she “ambushed” his co-host Robin Quivers while being interviewed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The year was 1995 and Stern was still very much known as a shock jock. While he’s become best-known for his insightful celebrity interviews, such as his bombshell conversation with Barbra Streisand, Stern initially made his insane fortune by pushing buttons. And this is precisely what angered Ronstadt.

Following Ronstadt and Quivers’ Tonight Show argument, Stern went on air and absolutely ripped the “You’re No Good” singer. This article will delve into Stern’s vicious response to Ronstadt, including how he made fun of her weight, as well as reveal the interaction with Quivers that set the radio host off in the first place.

Howard Stern Started A Celebrity Feud With Linda Ronstadt After Her Interaction With Robin Quivers

While Howard Stern eventually hated Jay Leno and got into a notorious feud with him, back in 1995 the two were on fairly good terms. But his Leno’s show became the center of one of his most heated and vicious on-air takedowns in history. It followed his co-host Robin Quivers appearing on his show alongside musician Linda Ronstadt. On the show, Ronstadt slammed Quivers for her relationship with Stern as she didn’t like the content of his edgy radio show. When Stern next got on the air, he decided to absolutely take down the woman who went after him and his best friend and colleague, Quivers.

“She was quite, inarticulate,” Robin Quivers said of her argument with Ronstadt. “She didn’t know what she was talking about. She gave the first lie, that she listened, and I busted her on that. I felt like a prosecutor in the OJ case.”

Then Stern launched into his tirade…

“Linda Ronstadt is a big, fat cow, hypocrite, as everyone has known for years. Hypo-crite.”

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Stern claimed she was a hypocrite for calling him out when she played concerts in South Africa during Apartheid. He also claimed that Ronstadt (with her “big fat a**” blindsided Robin Quivers on The Tonight Show unfairly.

“The reason she disgusts me, that pig — well, there’s two reasons. Number one, all of a sudden, Linda Ronstadt is now admitting to her Mexican-American heritage. For years, this woman was so famous and never made mention of it.”

  • Linda Ronstadt was born in Arizona
  • Ronstadt’s father was of Mexican descent with a “German male ancestor”
  • Ronstadt’s mother was of German, English, and Dutch descent

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Quivers claimed that she was offended by Ronstadt for years because her “career was based on making bland covers of great soul songs”. Quivers agreed with Stern that Ronstadt only started to mention her Mexican heritage when her career “went to the tank and she couldn’t sell mainstream albums anymore. She started recording Latin music and became Mexican-American.”

But Stern couldn’t let up on making jokes about Ronstadt’s weight…

“The very foolish, fat, disgusting Linda Ronstadt… It was kind of cute when she sang The Rolling Stones Songs because she was kinda cute to look at for a guy. But now when you see that hippopotamus singing irrelevant songs. And she’s so irrelevant. And she’s so irrelevant and so desperate to get her career going.”

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Stern went on to say he was insulted by Ronstadt insulting his program and his friend, especially since she admitted to never actually listening to the show she was criticizing.


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What followed was a nearly two-hour rant of Stern calling her all sorts of names, insulting her weight, and her career. He also called Ronstadt a hypocrite for not calling out real controversies such as people “dying in Africa” or the accusations that Mia Farrow made against Woody Allen. Instead, Ronstadt was concerned with Stern making “offensive” jokes on the radio. Quivers also was insulted by the woman who accosted her on air. But listeners loved it as they often tuned in to hear Stern rant on air.

What Happened Between Linda Ronstadt And Robin Quivers On Jay Leno’s Show?

While Howard Stern and Robin Quivers offered some behind-the-scenes information about her conflict with musician Linda Ronstadt on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it’s important to look back at what viewers were presented with. In 1995, Robin Quivers was asked on The Tonight Show to promote her book, “Quivers: A Life”. Also booked on the show were “Blue Bayou” and “When Will I Be Loved” by singer Linda Ronstadt.


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After Quivers was interviewed, Linda Ronstadt was asked onto the couches next to her for the interview with Leno. And things became tense very fast. While Quivers explained that Stern only played an “intolerant”, brash, and inappropriate character on the radio, it was far from who is was/is in real life.

“That’s part of his character. People would understand it a lot better if we called him ‘Archie Bunker’. And I was Edith. Then they’d understand it. Somehow, in radio, they can’t get that we’re doing a character.”

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Additionally, according to Quivers, The Howard Stern Show was all about comedy and making people laugh. Especially by doing uncomfortable gags. Everything was played for a laugh. And if it was too much for some, that was okay. But Ronstadt wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s not my place to take issue with one of your guests, but I felt deeply upset by what you said,” Ronstadt said to Leno then Quivers.

“Howard Stern is not really presenting himself as a character.”

“Do you listen to the show?” Quivers said, immediately defensive of her friend and colleague as the audience started to boo the musician.

“I think that people who listen to the show understand what we’re doing. And if you’re going to add to what you read in the press, than you’re going to have this misconception about what we do. The audience understands it!”

Ronstadt then said, “I think you’re showing for him, and I think he’s taking advantage of you.”


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“Fine,” Quivers said throwing her hands in the air and rolling her eyes at the perturbed musician.

“Think what you think. But I know what we do. And you’re not listening, because obviously you have a problem with it. So, you can’t comment on it.”

Leno then jumped to Ronstadt’s defense, claiming that she could comment on it.

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“You don’t like to listen, you don’t like that kind of radio, there are other stations. There’s a whole dial,” Quivers said to Ronstadt, ignoring Leno.

The audience seemed to be on Quivers’ side as they cheered for her enthusiastically. But Linda Ronstadt doubled down.

“All I can say is that, as a woman, and as a Mexican American, I feel he’s very offensive.”

As Leno cut to the commercial, Quivers and Ronstadt continued to argue in what ended up as a very tense moment.

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