How Wilmer Valderrama Really Feels About Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson had a close connection to his That ’70s Show castmates. Even when Lisa Robin Kelly passed away, the actor was among the first to issue a tribute on Twitter. The actor enjoyed lots of success on the series, though he would also admit to not having much in common with his Hyde character.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at his relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. We’ll reveal how close the two were, and how the connection stayed close after the show. However, it seems like when the allegations started to surface, Wilmer backed away. We’ll reveal if Valderrama aided his former co-star in court, and where the two stand.

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Wilmer Valderrama Had A Close Connection To All Of His That ’70s Show Cast Members

Wilmer, Danny Masterson and Laura Prepon

FOX took a major risk putting a less established cast of young actor together. However, that risk worked out for the better, as That ’70s Show enjoyed a great eight season run. As expected, the cast also grew very close to one another behind the scenes. Wilmer Valderrama revealed that it was like a family when the cameras weren’t rolling.

He tells Insider that the cast remains close even if the show came to an end years ago.

“The cast and I have these little dinners that we do sometimes,” he continued. “And sometimes we remember those days going to work, going out there laughing all day long and pretending to be actors. We had a lot of fun,” he said. “We were each others’ brothers and sisters.”

Wilmer continues, “You spend eight years and 200 episodes with a cast and you know for a fact that this is going to be forever friendships.”

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Topher Grace also grew very close to Valderrama during his time on the series. Grace revealed that his connection to the actor was one of the things to come out of the experience on That ’70s Show.

“Wilmer’s one of my great friends in life. To be thrown into this show together and have such a wonderful time, it’s so great when you meet someone amazing, one of your great life friends, at a real crossroads like that.”

“It was one of the luckiest things ever, that you were on that show, for me,” he tells his co-star.

Wilmer had other close connections on the show, and one of them happened to be with Danny Masterson.

Wilmer Valderrama Felt As Though No Time Had Past After Reuniting With Danny Masterson On The Ranch

The connection between Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama runs very deep. In fact, it goes back to the days of Wilmer’s high school graduation. Debra Jo Rupp revealed the story of herself and Danny being to only two of the cast to attend Wilmer’s graduation. It showed just how close the two were, and how much Masterson cared.

Rupp revealed, “Wilmer Valderrama asked the cast of 70’s Show to go to his high school graduation,” she penned. “Danny and I were the only ones to go. I remember looking at him and dying. It was outside, in the valley, really hot, and he was a ‘V’ alphabetically. We laughed so hard during that. It’s a really nice memory. Danny just always showed up to support.”

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The connection between the two was still a strong one after the show. When Valderrama appeared on The Ranch, he felt as though no time had past since being on-screen with his former co-stars.

“The three of us are hooligans laughing our a**** off and being clowns and not really taking the takes serious and then having them yelling at us like we were 20 again, and that to me was so worth being there all day.”

However, it seems like the closeness between the two subsided once the disturbing allegations against Danny Masterson went public.

Wilmer Valderrama Was Mentioned During Danny Masterson’s Court Case, But Did Not Write A Letter Defending His Co-Star

That '70s Show cast photo
Via: Fox

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis faced lots of backlash for their letter defending Danny Masterson. Wilmer Valderrama was instead part of the cast that decided against a letter – that also included Topher Grace and Laura Prepon.

However, Wilmer was brought up several times during the court case through his former personal assistant and his letter of support.

The letter reads, “He constantly warned his coworkers, like Wilmer, and reminded me as a part of the group that we needed to all act like professionals and be good citizens. “If one of us gets in trouble or gets caught in the spotlight for something negative, the whole cast and crew could suffer. Put the show first and your coworkers first – make wise choices.”

The letter continues to reveal that Wilmer had bad spending habits, especially when it came to partying. Masterson was apparently looking out for his co-star, and felt as though he’d be broke by 30 if he continued going down such a path. Valderrama did not make any type of comment towards the accuracy of the letter.

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