How To Get Gothic Gentlemen Outfit

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is creating a lot of buzz with its most recent release, 2.8. In keeping with Halloween’s festive vibe, this update adds a number of new features, accessories, and outfits. The additional components are designed to provide an immersive game experience and increase player engagement. The post will go into great detail about the upgrade, with a particular emphasis on how to obtain the alluring Gothic Gentleman costume and the Wicked Night Crate.

BGMI 2.8 update brings 'Halloween' theme

BGMI 2.8 Update Showcase ‘Halloween’ Theme

Battlegrounds Mobile India consistently adds new features, crates, themes, and goods to increase player involvement. Players are getting quite excited about the new “zombie edge” theme that was introduced with the most recent 2.8 release. The game has revealed the alluring Wicked Night Crate in time for Halloween, giving players the opportunity to obtain the Gothic Gentleman costume in addition to several other gifts. Here’s how you get the themed attire and the new crate. The Gothic Gentleman ensemble was recently revealed by BGMI via an official Instagram post. Players must use UC to unlock the recently added Wicked Night Crate in order to obtain this set.

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The Gothic Gentleman suit, Fright Night outfit, Hellfire-AKM, Fright Night hood, Gothic Gentleman hat, and other rare things are displayed in this crate. It gives users the option to match their attire to the current theme. Players will need to utilise their UCs in order to receive the Wicked Night Crate and its contents. The Wicked Night Crate is located in the menu’s “Crates” section. Simply select the Wicked Night Crate and press “Open.” 30UC will be needed for the first crate opening, and 60UC will be needed for each additional opening. Players can open the premium crate ten times for 540UC. Getting the new sets is completely dependent on chance, therefore only very fortunate people will be able to acquire them.

It’s also important to remember that the new crate is only available for a short period of time, so be sure to get your hands on these wonderful things before it’s discontinued. It should be noted that in an effort to boost and broaden the nation’s gaming industry, BGMI manufacturer Krafton has launched a brand-new programme known as the KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI). With a duration of six months to a year, Krafton’s KIGI programme will coach six to ten teams each year and give them access to corporate resources such as market research and data analytics. Following the program’s conclusion, participants will be able to choose between self-publishing their games or seeking venture capital backing from Krafton and outside investors.

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