How Simon Helberg Really Felt About His Revealing Bathtub Scene With Katee Sackhoff On The Big Bang Theory

Simon Helberg thrived on The Big Bang Theory. His fellow cast members called him the funniest of the group, and in truth, he was nothing like Howard behind the scenes. Simon Helberg would even shock fans as to how different he looked off the sitcom’s set.

Working as a guest star could have been very stressful. In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at why things were a little more tense than usual when filming a scene between Simon Helberg and guest star Katee Sackhoff. Helberg himself admitted that experience featured some awkwardness – though thankfully when it came to an end, both were able to laugh it off.

We’ll take a closer look at that moment, while also putting the spotlight on other questionable moments Simon Helberg faced throughout his time on the series.

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Simon Helberg Wasn’t Pleased With A Lot Of Howard’s Antics On The Big Bang Theory

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Given its massive popularity, Simon Helberg felt the wrath of fans several times throughout the show’s run. In fact, the actor revealed people would randomly come up to him and state how much they hated the show

In addition, Howard pushed the envelope during the earlier seasons, before he met Bernadette. Even Simon Helberg revealed that it was hard to defend his character during the early stages. Helberg wanted Howard to have a bit more of a heart, and that finally came during the later seasons.

Helberg reveals with TV Line, “People were very unhappy with some of the things Howard would do or say, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I agree,’” he says.

“I didn’t necessarily think that meant the character should be removed, but it certainly was more fun to play him as his heart got bigger and he shed his layer of sleaze…. The fact that you don’t have to search too hard to find a handful of qualities and jokes from our show that didn’t age well, to me is a good sign that we’re growing up as a culture in some ways now.”

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Helberg was unanimously considered the most difficult cast member to work with given his comedic timing, and how downright hilarious he truly was on the show. However, there was a certain scene that had both of the actors nervous instead given the circumstances of the scene.

Simon Helberg Felt Awkward Meeting Katee Sackhoff For The First Time While She Was Already In The Bathtub

Fans would assume the scene was a dream come true for Simon Helberg, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. During a behind the scenes Q&A DVD extra, Helberg discussed his time with the actress. A major reveal made by Helberg was the fact that the two were not introduced to one another prior, the first time Helberg met Sackhoff she was already in the bathtub covered in bubbles with a team of producers covering her.

Helberg really didn’t have much time to chat, and he was instantly told to get in and shoot the scene. We can just imagine how difficult those types of circumstances are, especially with a huge team filming in the background.

Thankfully, at the end of the scene, the two were able to chat and Katee revealed that she was doing her best not to laugh the entire time, repeatedly pinching herself underwater.

Helberg explains the moment at the 0:50 mark in the video below, posted to YouTube by Celeburbia.

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Not only was it quite the experience for Helberg, but the same held true for the guest star. Katee Sackhoff would return to the show but thankfully, her second stint was a lot more relaxed than the first one.

Katee Sackhoff Had An Easier Experience Her Second Time On The Big Bang Theory

Katee Sackhoff

Prior to her second appearance, Sackhoff hyped her return to the show. At the time, the actress revealed that she likely wasn’t going to be thrown into a tub on the show, and that held true when it came time for her return.

Katee reveals with IGN, “I can probably say [the scene] won’t be in the bathtub. I don’t know for sure … I can’t imagine them doing the same thing twice, but you never know.”

At the time of her return, things were rocky between Bernadette and Howard. Ultimately, the couple is able to surpass their difficult moment, despite Howard’s tendencies and fantasies from the past. Once Howard is able to move on, his character gets a massive clean-up on the show, and he’s clearly a lot less inappropriate. Fans also get to see that maturity rise up even further when Howard and Bernadette have kids. It turned out to be quite the evolution for Howard’s character on The Big Bang Theory.

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