Here Are All The ‘Shameless’ Actors Ranked From Poorest To Richest


  • Shameless
    has been a hit series for Showtime and has helped launch the careers of many talented actors who are now millionaires.
  • While some cast members have found success in other projects, many have yet to find another show as successful as
  • The main cast members, including Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy, have amassed substantial net worths.



Showtime has been the home for a number of television shows. However, nothing of late compares to their 10-year hit series, Shameless. The series turned into one of Showtime’s flagship programs and was looked to, to boost the ratings of the network until it officially said goodbye.

Considering the series was on-air for so long, it is no surprise that it managed to foster the growth of many talented up-and-comers, who have earned quite a pretty paycheck! Although some fan-fave characters left prior to the final season, it goes without saying that they ended it with a bang!

With the success and longevity of Shameless, many of these cast members started on the show as children and are now genuine millionaires, and we’re ranking them from richest to even richer!



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Updated March 2024: Since ‘Shameless’ ended its 10-year run, the net worth of the actors on the show has not drastically changed. This is because, save for a few of the actors, another show has yet to bring the cast the success they achieved on the hit Showtime show.

The exceptions are Jeremy Allen White, who is currently starring in the hit show, The Bear, and Cameron Monaghan, who has a role in the Tron movie coming out in 2025.

15 Kate Miner

Net Worth: $1 Million

Kate Miner on the red carpet
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Kate Miner was on Shameless for a few seasons as Tami Tamietti when her role greatly increased after she had Lip’s baby. She was promoted to series regular. In addition to acting, Miner also has an impressive career as a singer and model, which has contributed immensely to her $1 million net worth. A net worth that is only expected to grow following her success on the series has led to several roles currently in post-production to be released in 2023 and 2024.

14 Shanola Hampton

Net Worth: $1 Million

Shanola Hampton on the red carpet
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  • Character: Veronica “V” Fisher

Even though Shanola Hampton was a series regular on Shameless since the start of the show, it’s a series with a very big cast that definitely prioritizes the Gallaghers. Because of this, fans didn’t get to see Hampton take on the role of Veronica as much as they would have liked.

It definitely felt as if Veronica was off on her own series at times, especially when Fiona left. Although Hampton still didn’t take on such a major role, she managed to amass an impressive net worth of $1 million!

13 Ethan Cutkosky

Net Worth: $1 Million

Ethan Cutkosky on the red carpet
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  • Character: Carl Gallagher

All the Gallaghers have experienced a lot of change through Shameless’ run, but the later seasons really pushed Carl into a position of authority and honor that has been great for the character.

Ethan Cutkosky was a series regular on the hit show, but he’s still young and hasn’t shown up in many places outside of Shameless (just yet), which explains his $1 million net worth.

12 Isidora Goreshter

Net Worth: $1 Million

Isidora Goreshter on the red carpet
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  • Character: Svetlana Yevgenyevna

When a show is on for over a decade, it’s not at all surprising for there to be occasional cast changes or characters that come and go out of focus. Isidora Goreshter’s Svetlana was a large part of Shameless’s earlier seasons, particularly in Kevin and Veronica’s lives.

Svetlana even dates both of them at one point, but her character got pushed to a point where she was not on the show after 2018. Goreshter is still making her way and Shameless is her biggest role to date, which explains her $1 million net worth.

11 Christian Isaiah

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Christian Isaiah on the red carpet
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  • Character: Liam Gallagher

It’s kind of remarkable that some of Shameless’ cast started the series as literal babies, went on to have full, complex storylines. Liam slowly turned into Shameless’ secret weapon over the years and a highlight of the later seasons.

Since Christian Isaiah is still a kid, it’s not crazy that his net worth comes in at $1.5 million, and it’s only expected to grow from here!

10 Justin Chatwin

Net Worth: $2 Million

Justin Chatwin on the red carpet
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  • Character: Steve “Jimmy LIshman” Wilton

The beginning of Shameless very much revolved around Fiona And Jimmy for many viewers. Many were shocked when Jimmy exited the series (and then briefly returned). But as the series came to a close, many forget that Justin Chatwin was even on the show.

Chatwin has had some other notable TV and film roles after his time with Shameless came to an end. And between that and two post-production projects, he has managed to amass a $2 million net worth for himself.

9 Steve Howey

Net Worth: $2 Million

Steve Howey on the red carpet
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Much like Veronica’s role in the series, Steve Howey’s Kevin Ball largely turned into a supporting player who was turned to for comic relief. Kevin has always been around, but it is easy to see how he got overshadowed by the Gallaghers.

Howey gets out there a little more with his roles outside of Shameless, including his time on Bride Wars, Game Over, Man!, and of course, Reba. And all of these projects have contributed to his $2 million net worth.

8 Emma Greenwell

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Emma Greenwell on the red carpet
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  • Character: Mandy Milkovich

Mandy Milkovich may have only been a part of Shameless for four seasons, but for a long time, it looked like she and Lip were endgame material. Mandy went through the wringer, but it was easy to love the character thanks to Emma Greenwell’s gutting performance.

Greenwell’s active career in the industry has slowed down as of late, but her previous work has allowed her to amass a net worth of $2.5 million.

7 Noel Fisher

Net Worth: $3 Million

Noel Fisher on the red carpet
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  • Character: Mickey Milkovich

Noel Fisher’s character, Mickey Milkovich was a part of Shameless since it first aired in 2011. It was not until later on, however, that Fisher got the promotion to series regular as Ian’s one and only.

Mickey’s integration into the show has been seamless, and his prison storyline is some of his best material. Fisher looked like he was building up his resume with roles outside of Shameless, which earned him his $3 million net worth. But after the series came to a close, he only guest starred in a few episodes of The Calling with nothing noted since.

6 Emma Kenney

Net Worth: $4 Million

Emma Kenney on the red carpet
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  • Character: Debbie Gallagher

Debbie Gallagher may have been innocent and serene at the start of Shameless, but as the series progressed, she grew up a lot. And in growing up, she went through major changes, like giving birth.

Emma Kenney was known to have anxiety shooting scenes with Emmy Rossum on the show. Despite this, Kenney still gave a fantastic performance. It is this performance as to why she’s still largely associated with Debbie, despite having left the cast a season early.

Perhaps her role in The Connors or a project in post-production will help Kenney shed her Shameless role and help add to her $4 million net worth.


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5 Cameron Monaghan

Net Worth: $5 Million

Cameron Monaghan on the red carpet
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  • Character: Iann Gallagher

Cameron Monaghan’s character, Ian Gallagher had quite an interesting trajectory on Shameless. His bipolar material was gripping, he went to prison, got married, and even left the show for a season.

Monaghan has branched out doing a variety of other projects since his time on Shameless came to an end, including his role on Gotham. These have allowed him to amass an impressive net worth of $5 million!

And with a role in 2025’s Tron: Ares, there is no telling how much higher Monaghan’s net worth will rise.

4 Jeremy Allen White

Net Worth: $8 Million

Jeremy Allen White posing in a grey suit
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  • Character: Jeremy “Lip” Gallagher

Out of all the Gallagher children that aren’t Fiona, Jeremy Allen White did some of the most impressive work in the series as Lip. His struggles with sobriety were compelling and he brought such humanity to the character that other actors may not have been able to do.


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Jeremy Allen White was in a tricky point of his career once Shameless came to an end.

White is slowly becoming more mainstream, landing roles in The Birthday Cake, and You Can’t Win, which has helped him amass his $8 million net worth. And now with his hit series, The Bear, White’s net worth is only going to continue to grow.

3 Emmy Rossum

Net Worth: $12 Million

Emmy Rossum on the red carpet
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  • Character: Fiona Gallagher

William H. Macy may have been the big-name originally attached to Shameless, but Emmy Rossum grew into the unofficial lead as she tried to control her wild family.


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Jeremy Allen White had mixed emotions following Emmy Rossum’s “irreplaceable” departure from Shameless.

Rossum’s fame has only catapulted since the start of the show. And even though she left the series earlier than fans wanted her to, which White had mixed feelings about, Rossum still managed to amass a whopping $12 million net worth between Shameless and projects like The Crowded Room.

2 Joan Cusack

Net Worth: $20 Million

Joan Cusack on the red carpet
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  • Character: Sheila Jackson

The Jacksons were entertaining foils for the Gallaghers during the first half of Shameless’ run. Everyone in the family was memorable, but Joan Cusack went above and beyond with her work as the twitchy, neurotic Karen Jackson.

Cusack has been a movie star for decades. Some of the projects Cusack has appeared in, according to IMDb, include:

Toy Story 4 (Movie)


Jessie (voice)

School of Rock (Movie)


Rosalie Mullins (supporting)

In & Out (Movie)


Emily Montgomery (supporting)

Working Girl (Movie)


Cyn (supporting)

Sixteen Candles (Movie)


Geek Girl #1 (supporting)

All of these projects and so many more explain Cusak’s $20 million net worth!

1 William H. Macy

Net Worth: $45 Million

William H.Macy on the red carpet
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  • Character: Frank Gallagher

William H. Macy threw so much of himself into Frank Gallagher that it was sometimes hard to remember that he was playing a character and was not just some derelict human being. Frank may have put himself over his family throughout the series, but Shameless rewarded Macy with a handsome paycheck.

The star earned $125,000 per episode. And when you throw in his successful film and TV career before taking on the role of Frank, it’s no surprise Macy is worth $45 million!

Some of the more notable projects that Macy has worked on over the years, according to IMDb, include:

Thank You For Smoking (Movie)


Senator Ortolan Finistirre (lead)

The Cooler (Movie)


Bernie Lootz (lead)

Jurassic Park III (Movie)


Paul Kirby (lead)

Boogie Nights (Movie)


Little Bill (supporting)

Air Force One (Movie)


Major Caldwell (supporting)

Fargo (Movie)


Jerry Lundegaard (supporting)

With upcoming projects, such as Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, it would not be surprising to see Macy’s net worth grow larger in the upcoming years. When this is combined with the net worth of his wife, Felicity Huffman, whom Macy stood by during the college admissions scandal, there is no worry about finances in the family.

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