Heather Locklear Slammed Scott Baio When Their Forgotten Relationship Was Brought Up In A 1990s Interview



  • Heather Locklear insulted ex-boyfriend Scott Baio during a memorable Conan O’Brien interview in 1996.
  • Locklear and Baio briefly dated in the ’80s before realizing they were better off as friends.
  • Despite some regret from Baio about their breakup, both Locklear and Baio have moved on.

Even though the Melrose Place cast criticized their experience, the hit 1990s show cemented the TV careers of the talented stars. Heather Locklear became beloved for playing scheming ad exec Amanda Woodward after a resume that included roles on Dynasty and Spin City. While she has played some iconic characters, her love life has always taken center stage. Before Locklear and her ex-husband Richie Sambora got together and had their daughter, model Ava Sambora, she dated several actors, including Scott Baio, who played Chachi Arcola on Happy Days.

When Conan O’Brien interviewed Heather Locklear, he didn’t miss his opportunity to ask the actress a question about dating Scott Baio. To say the least, she had a memorable response. In this article, we’ll take a look at what Heather Locklear said when Conan O’Brien mentioned her ex-boyfriend Scott Baio. We’ll also look at what Locklear and Baio said about their romance.

Heather Locklear Insulted Scott Baio During An Interview With Conan O’Brien

In 1996, Heather Locklear appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and he brought up her relationship with Scott Baio. He said:

“I’m fascinated by Scott Baio for a lot of reasons, but he went out with all these incredible women.”

Locklear then named the famous women Scott Baio had dated, including Nicolette Sheridan and Pamela Anderson. She then insulted him by saying that his girlfriends weren’t smart enough to realize that they shouldn’t have been in a relationship with him.

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She said:

“And of course I’m the dog… He did go out with all these girls and I think it was before their brain had developed and that’s how he gets it.”

Conan O'Brien

The actress laughed and said “He’s actually great” and that she was kidding. O’Brien loved her sense of humor and said “Well I’m happy” before going to a commercial break.


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Who Did Heather Locklear Date And When? (According to Ranker)

  • Tommy Lee: married 1986-1993
  • Tom Cruise: 1980s
  • Mark Harmon: 1980s
  • Bret Michaels: 1990s
  • Richie Sambora: married 1994-2007
  • David Spade: 2006-2007
  • Jack Wagner: 2007-2011

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Earlier in the interview Locklear said she and Scott Baio weren’t in touch anymore, which was a little awkward to hear. However, it makes sense that she didn’t look super comfortable when O’Brien brought up her ex, considering that she was married to Richie Sambora at the time.

When O’Brien mispronounced the actor’s name as “Bio” and Locklear corrected him, he asked, “Does he get mad when you say Bio?” Locklear said:

“I’m not sure. I haven’t talked to him lately.”


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Although some might say that Heather Locklear shouldn’t have insulted an ex-boyfriend on a late-night TV show, even if she was joking around, fans could argue that she was a fun and entertaining interview guest. O’Brien likely wanted his guest to respond in a memorable and funny way, and that’s exactly what happened.

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Who Else Did Scott Baio Date? (According to Yahoo! Entertainment)

  • Renee Sloan (married 2007)
  • Erika Eleniak
  • Lesley Ann Miller
  • Denise Richards
  • Liza Minelli
  • Beverly D’Angelo
  • Nicole Eggert
  • Erin Moran
  • Brooke Shields
  • Melissa Gilbert

While the Melrose Place star didn’t seem pleased that O’Brien mentioned her ex-boyfriend at first, she had a good attitude during the interview.

Inside Heather Locklear And Scott Baio’s Relationship

According to Ranker, Heather Locklear and Scott Baio dated for a short amount of time in the 1980s. As the publication noted, they realized that they were better off as friends than romantic partners and stayed pals after. However, while Baio has talked about Locklear in numerous interviews, she doesn’t appear to have said much about him.

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While it’s unclear why the couple broke up, Scott Baio said that he had never loved anyone before Heather Locklear. The actor had a reputation for having an active love life. In a 2007 interview with People, Baio looked back at his dating life and admitted that he messed up with the star. He said:

“I regret losing certain women, but it was always my fault. Heather Locklear was the first girl I was ever in love with. She is the greatest chick in the world and I just ruined it.”


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The actor mentioned Heather Locklear in a memorable interview. According to Nicki Swift, when Howard Stern interviewed Baio in 2007, Baio talked about the women he had slept with. He said that he and Locklear didn’t sleep together for the first month of their relationship. He also made some offensive comments, including saying that he was intimate with women he didn’t consider attractive because he wanted to “give back.” Given this interview, it makes sense that Heather Locklear wanted to poke fun at him when talking to Conan O’Brien.

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While fans can only speculate about why the couple split up, Scott Baio has talked about his dating behavior in a few interviews, and it sounds like he wanted to date a lot. In a 2012 Q&A with Fox News, he said, “I did okay for myself. I was a single man living in Hollywood. But now I’m a married guy. You do things as a boy that you don’t do as a man.”

Although it’s unclear if Heather Locklear and Scott Baio have remained friends, they have definitely both moved on. Baio has been married to Renee Scott since 2007, and in April 2020, Locklear and Chris Heisser got engaged, according to People. The two dated in high school and found each other decades later.


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