Did The Young Sheldon Cast Get Along? Here’s Which Stars Keep In Contact Off-Camera


  • Young Sheldon cast forms strong off-screen bond, hosting pool parties and creating a family dynamic similar to the show.
  • Cast members share close relationships, with actors like Zoe Perry feeling like a proud mom to the young stars who have grown up on set.
  • Young Sheldon cast experiences mixed emotions about the show ending, expressing gratitude for the memories and connections made.

A spin-off prequel to the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon quickly cemented itself as one of the decade’s most popular shows.

Set in small town East Texas in the early 1990s, Young Sheldon follows its titular Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) struggling with life and school, despite being a child genius. Zoe Perry and Lance Barber play his kind parents who often struggle to understand him, whilst Annie Potts plays Sheldon’s beloved grandmother. Raegan Revord plays Missy, Sheldon’s twin sister, and Montana Jordan plays the elder brother, Georgie.

Fans instantly loved the show due to its relatable characters and family dynamic. This family dynamic has translated into a strong off-screen bond that is sure to last long after the show ends with the seventh and final season.

In the following, we take a look at how close the Young Sheldon cast is off camera and how the cast feels about Young Sheldon ending.



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How Close Is The Cast Of Young Sheldon?

Zoe Perry in Season 1 of Young Sheldon

The cast of Young Sheldon is not just an on-screen family; they are also a surrogate family off-screen. Both Zoe Perry and Annie Potts have explained how their relationship with their on-screen family has seeped into their relationships with the actors.

The cast of the show has revealed they host wholesome events to unite the multi-generation team of actors. Zoe Perry told WATCH magazine that they have hosted pool parties on set, which allowed them to feel more like a family.

Iain Armitage is especially close to Annie Potts, who plays his on-screen grandmother in Young Sheldon. The young actor reminds Potts of the three sons she raised, and she admits she was happy to have a “little boy in my life again and to play with.”

Raegan Revord, who plays Missy, compared the experience of working on Young Sheldon to having a second family. “It’s like hanging out with your family all day,” the young actor said.

“It’s like picking on each other, a lot of banter but then hugs. It really is just chaos, but it’s so much fun.”

Revord also praised her older cast mates— Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, and Annie Potts—for being positive role models who were also happy to give her advice. “It’s nice to have this group of people that you trust, and you know you can confide in them and that you can always go to [them] for advice.”

Revord admits the sibling bond with her co-stars isn’t exclusively on-screen. Missy’s love-hate bond with Sheldon can, at times, mimic her relationship off-screen with Iain Armitage. “We fight, and then we are back to being friends,” she admits. “We both love reading, singing, music and dance.”

Revord has a special bond with Montana Jordan, who plays her older brother Georgie. “I can face time him, call him, text him anytime,” the actress admitted. She also admitted to jokingly calling him Mr. Montana after he turned 18, while he admits being fearful of driving after his on-screen sister learned to drive.

Many of the Young Sheldon cast members also share behind-the-scenes photos and videos together on their Instagram pages.


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Many Of Young Sheldon’s Cast Have Grown Up On Set Together

Young Sheldon season 3 cast

Annie Potts, who plays Meemaw, has celebrated watching her co-stars grow up on set and how their relationship has grown over the years.

“I love the children, and it’s been a privilege to watch them grow up. [Iain is] so grown up, and when we started, he and Reagan would get on my lap and kiss me and play with my fingernails and my ears. They were tiny, and all day long, they just say, he would say — and they still do — ‘I love you. I love you, Miss Annie.’”

In an interview with the New York Post, Zoe Perry revealed that she genuinely feels like the proud mom of Iain Armitage, Raegan Revord, and Montana Jordan, who play her children on-screen. One of their on-set traditions included tracking the kids’ height and their literal growth, which Perry says is “lovely.”

“By the end of the season, they’ll get another mark, and it’s nuts to see how much they’ve grown. I look back at Montana; when he was in the pilot, he was like a cute baby. I don’t want to embarrass him … he was so sweet and little, and now he’s a teenager.”

The now 15-year-old Armitage was eight when he started making the comedy and admits he “couldn’t have asked for a better way to grow up,” he says before praising the people who he has worked with.

“Every single person I get to work with, I feel so honored to get to be working with and get to be their costar or … get to be part of their work and part of their livelihood.”



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How The Cast Of Young Sheldon Feels About The Series Ending

Lance Barber in Season 2 Young Sheldon

In 2023, it was announced that Young Sheldon would be ending with the seventh season, although a spin-off based on Georgie and Mandy was announced.

Sheldon Cooper himself, Iain Armitage posted on his Instagram the day the show was announced as ending, alongside an on-set photo with TV siblings Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan. “There’s about 200 more people who make Young Sheldon happen, and I’m grateful for each of them.

“We will make the best seventh season we can possibly make,” wrote Armitage on his social media.

“And behind the scenes there will be lots of laughter and lots of tears because I love all of these people so much.”

Reagan Revord, who plays Sheldon’s twin sister Missy, commented on the actor’s post: “Can’t stop crying,” she wrote. “My family forever!” She later wrote her own post, quoting Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” which is also what co-creator Steve Molaro told them when he revealed the show was ending.

Annie Potts, who portrays Connie ‘Meemaw’ Tucker, also shared her thoughts on Young Sheldon ending in an Instagram post.

“It’s a bittersweet moment. I have loved every moment of this work and loved every person who has made this wonderful show possible. I have been awed by the talent of my fellow cast members who feel more like family than colleagues. I am beyond grateful to all the Young Sheldon viewers and fans who made us #1. So, while I’ll miss the day-to-day business of making “Young Sheldon,” I celebrate seven wonderful years of laughter and love. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

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