Did The Cast Of The Who’s The Boss Actually Get Along Or Were They Constantly At Each Other’s Throats?


  • The cast of “Who’s The Boss?” went through a lot together on set.
  • Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano were the only cast members attached to the reboot as of June 2022.
  • The cast has experienced major trauma in the years since the show ended.

While many actors hustle for years before finally getting that magical big break, other actors star on a sitcom, become famous quickly, and seem set for life. The talented cast of the 1980s sitcom Who’s The Boss? all saw their career prospects soar after playing their beloved and quirky characters.

But although the show offered up a light-hearted look at unconventional family life, star Tony Danza struggled in his personal life during the time that Who’s The Boss? was on the air. Alyssa Milano also talked about her experience playing Samantha Micelli and reflected on the ups and downs of being a young famous actress.

Although Who’s The Boss? fans want to know that their favorite actors loved working together, was that really the case? Here’s whether the actors had a smooth experience on the sitcom.

Did The Cast Of The Who’s The Boss Get Along?

While fans wondered if Tony Danza had stopped acting, no one could ever forget his years playing Tony Micelli on Who’s The Boss? In the pilot episode, his character Tony Micelli and child Samantha relocate to Fairfield, Connecticut. Judith Light played Angela Bower, a smart and ambitious woman who hires Tony to clean and take care of her house while she is busy focusing on her career.

Did The Cast Of The Who’s The Boss Actually Get Along Or Were They Constantly At Each Other's Throats_
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While Tony seems nervous about this big life change, Samantha goes through all the regular changes that a teenager would. She also gets to know Danny Pintauro’s character, Angela’s son Jonathan.

Since the show is all about family, Angela and Tony had memorable mothers as well. Katherine Helmond played Angela’s mother Mona Robinson and Rhoda Gemignani portrayed Tony’s mother Carmela Rossini.

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Perhaps not every single moment on the Who’s The Boss? set was completely fun and free of conflict. But the cast has never said anything negative about working together.

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According to The Archive of American Television, Tony Danza talked about his younger co-stars and said that the adult cast members ensured that Milano and Pintauro were treated well. It sounds like they took this responsibility seriously.

Danza said, “One of the things I’m most proud of with Who’s The boss? My two kids ended up great… We really made an effort, Judith and Katherine by the way, made an effort that they weren’t just actors.”

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He added, “I was really protective of them, to a fault, I think Alyssa would say.” He joked that Milano would tell him that she had a dad, but he said that it was hard not to try to play that role sometimes.

As for Judith Light, she enjoyed her time with Katherine Helmond. Light told Elle in 2019 that she “adored” the actress and added, “I had great respect for her and for her career. She is a living example of how to operate in the business.”

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Since the Who’s The Boss? cast speaks highly of each other, it makes sense that a reboot is in the works with Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano. It’s still possible for an actor to star in a revival or reboot of a popular drama or sitcom and not want to be around their co-stars.

Actors are used to pretending, of course, and they can hide their true feelings. But the cast of Who’s The Boss? seems to genuinely like each other. That will likely make being on set again together a much more fun and pleasant experience.

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In 2020, Light told Variety that she was on board with the Who’s The Boss? reboot. She said, “I treasure the show, my time there and everyone involved, so of course they have my love and my support.”

When TV Line reported on the reboot in June 2022, Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano were the only cast members attached. It’s possible that Danny Pintauro and Judith Light could join. In the meantime, though, Who’s The Boss? fans can rest assured that the cast seems to love each other.

Does The Who’s The Boss Cast Get Along Today?

When the Who’s The Boss? cast sees each other, they seem really excited to be together again. This suggests that they had good working relationships.

In November 2022, Entertainment Weekly reported that Alyssa Milano, Rhoda Gemignani, and Danny Pintauro supported Tony Danza during one of his cabaret performances. It was sweet to see that his former cast members were so thrilled about this creative endeavor.

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In 2014, Judith Light talked about her career in an interview with Parade and shared how she feels about Tony Danza. She said that they weren’t in touch constantly, but she still felt warmly toward him. It sounds like she remembers working with him fondly.

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Light said, “Tony is the loveliest. We don’t talk all the time, but I can tell you that if I ever needed anything, he would be there for me and I would be there for him. We have remained friends all through the years. Talk about somebody who has a great attitude, this kind of reinventing himself constantly. That’s the kind of person he is and that’s why he was such a joy to work with and I think that’s the chemistry that the two of us brought to the show. There was always something about it that was held in love and it was just wonderful.”

In the last decade or so, the Who’s The Boss? cast has been there for each other through some tough moments. In 2014, Danny Pintauro was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and talked about being HIV positive.

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Pintauro said that Alyssa Milano phoned him “and the message was so lovely.”

Pintauro said of Tony Danza, “They are my other parents, Tony is my other father, and he’ll always be my other father. And just like any father, he’s gonna be disappointed when you give him bad news or when you tell him you haven’t lived up to his expectation. That’s OK. That’s human nature. I can’t ask him to not be disappointed. In the same breath, though, his next words were, ‘Are you OK? What can I do? How can I help? It’s give and take, and that’s OK. Being disappointed means, people are disappointed in me and maybe that’ll make it so they don’t want people to be disappointed in them.”

People thought that Danza sounded harsh. According to The Huffington Post, Pintauro said a few weeks later, “He actually emailed me because he heard that I had said that [he was disappointed], and he wanted to clarify that he’s worried about me more than anything.”

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