David Hyde Pierce Didn’t Answer Conan O’Brien’s Question About The End Of Frasier For An Awkward Reason


  • David Hyde Pierce didn’t answer Conan O’Brien’s question about the end of Frasier due to a distracting moment during the interview.
  • Pierce reflected nostalgically on his time on Frasier, describing it as “bliss” and praising the writing and cast.
  • Despite the opportunity, Pierce declined to participate in the Frasier reboot, preferring to pursue other acting opportunities, particularly in theater.

There are certain questions that stars can’t get away from. A sitcom star like David Hyde Pierce knows that when he sits down for a chat, he’s going to be asked about playing Niles Crane on the beloved show Frasier. Back when the series was about to go off the air, he couldn’t get away from questions about what would happen next in his career.

Since David Hyde Pierce’s Frasier royalties are impressive and he is a Frasier cast member with a high net worth, there’s no doubt that he is appreciative of what the sitcom did for him. When he was interviewed by Conan O’Brien in 2003, Frasier was about to end, and the late-night host asked what was on everyone’s minds: what would happen next? Unfortunately, something odd happened and Pierce never answered…

David Hyde Pierce Awkwardly Didn’t Answer Conan O’Brien’s Frasier Question In A 2003 Interview

In 2003, Conan O’Brien interviewed David Hyde Pierce, and the conversation turned to the fact that Frasier was approaching its eleventh and final season. The two shared some common ground: Frasier premiered in 1993, the same year that O’Brien began hosting Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

David Hyde Pierce Mas Niles Crane and Kelsey Grammar as Frasier Drane
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Pierce said “We’re gonna quit next year right and we’ve been around about the same amount of time as you.” O’Brien joked, “Well, no, let me explain. You have other opportunities awaiting… This is it for me… I’m gonna hang onto this thing. I’ll be doing this when I’m in my late 80s.”


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Horrible family tragedies sparked Kelsey Grammar’s addiction issues that caused major drama on the set of Frasier.

Conan O’Brien started to ask David Hyde Pierce about the end of Frasier, but as soon as he got some words out, both stars were distracted. Pierce said “I think if I can find a little…” and then both looked at something on the floor.

O’Brien said:

“A little piece of confetti that got stuck just came down and ruined our conversational train. We like to do anything we can to distract against…”

David Hyde Pierce and Lorenzo Newton from Frasier
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Pierce joked that cats would be attracted to the confetti and O’Brien continued:

“There’s probably still stuff stuck up there and six weeks from now I’ll be having an interview with Fabio or something and partway through the interview it’ll come down…”

O’Brien then said that people could watch Frasier on Tuesday evenings, and the interview was finished. While this was a funny moment, it was definitely awkward. It would have been interesting to hear what Pierce had to say about the end of the biggest show of his career, but there didn’t seem to be any time left for their chat, and it was time for the actor to leave. O’Brien handled the moment with his usual ease and confidence and made the best of it.


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David Hyde Pierce decided to turn down the Frasier reboot offer and it would lead to Kelsey Grammer making major changes.

What Happened To David Hyde Pierce’s Career After Frasier Ended In 2004?

  • starred in five movies, including The Perfect Host (2010)
  • voiced a character in one episode of The Simpsons
  • various TV appearances
  • starred in many theater productions, including Hello, Dolly! and It’s A Wonderful Life

David Hyde Pierce Conan O'Brien's Question About The End Of Frasier
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Earlier on in the interview, David Hyde Pierce and Conan O’Brien chatted about how Pierce once lived in the same building that O’Brien called home at the time. Pierce mentioned one of his early jobs and when O’Brien asked “Did you really sell ties at Bloomingdale’s?” Pierce said “No and so they asked me to leave.” This got a big laugh out of the late-night host.

How Did David Hyde Pierce Feel About The End Of Frasier?

While David Hyde Pierce didn’t get a chance to answer Conan O’Brien’s question, he has shared his thoughts about Frasier in interviews throughout his career.

Kelsey Grammer's Addiction Issues May Have Canceled Frasier Had It Not Been For David Hyde Pierce
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In 2017, Pierce reflected on Frasier in an interview with Vulture, and he sounded very nostalgic for the sitcom that made such a big impression on his fans. He mentioned that he has had a long acting career that consisted of 12 years acting in the New York theater, 11 years of Frasier, and then in 2017, 10 years of theater again.


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Moose, who played Martin’s Jack Russell, Eddie, got a lot of laughs on Frasier, and he got paid handsomely for every single one of them.

Pierce said of Frasier:

“It was bliss. That’s the word I would use. It was 11 years, we had the best time, we had the best writers.”

The actor continued, “We were a good cast, but it has to be good writing to all these years later see it and have it not be dated. It’s funny, it feels like a more significant part of my life to you, because it is the most public part of my life. And it’s a very important part of my life, but in terms of my performing career, it’s about a third of my life.”

David Hyde Pierce
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David Hyde Pierce’s Notable TV Roles

  • Niles Crane on Frasier (1993-2004)
  • Theodore Van Horne on The Powers That Be (1992-1993)
  • Frank Prady on The Good Wife (2014-2015)
  • Paul Child/Charles Child on Julia (2022-2023)

It seems like David Hyde Pierce was okay with the end of the sitcom because when he got the opportunity to come back for the reboot, he said no. He has acted in more than a few plays and this seems to be where his passion lies.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Pierce talked about the Frasier reboot and said, “I never really wanted to go back. It’s not like I said,’ ‘Oh, I don’t ever want to do that again.’ I loved every moment. It was that I wanted to do other things.”

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