David Faustino Revealed The Upsetting Truth About His Married With Children Royalties


  • David Faustino admitted to not receiving any residuals for “Married… With Children” in a 2009 interview.
  • Ed O’Neill managed to secure a better deal than his co-stars, making $10 million annually from the show.
  • Faustino shared that despite lacking residuals, he still looks back fondly on his time on the sitcom and its loose set.

Although Amanda Bearse called Married… With Children misogynistic, the ’80s sitcom remains a fan favorite. People still enjoy keeping up with the cast members. Even though David Garrison quit the show early, he maintained an excellent acting career, and Ed O’Neill became a rich Modern Family cast member. After playing smart teenager Bud Bundy on Married… With Children, David Faustino also continued to be a big presence in Hollywood.

However, even though fans would think that the cast would be raking it in thanks to yearly royalties, that isn’t actually the case. In this article, we’ll take a look at what David Faustino admitted about his Married… With Children royalties. We’ll also take a look at his experience on the popular sitcom’s set.

What Did Married… With Children Star David Faustino Say About His Royalties?

David Faustino shared that he doesn’t receive any residuals for Married… With Children. In a 2009 interview with NBC Washington, Faustino talked about Married… With Children along with his web series Star-ving. Considering that he played a main character on a successful sitcom for over a decade, it’s shocking to hear that the actor didn’t get residuals. He explained more about the situation and said:

“We got really screwed over. I mean, the show ‘Married With… Children’ was on for 11 years, and we all made really good money while we were doing it. We made great weekly pay checks, but residuals — we all got screwed over because Fox at the time was not a network, it was a cable network, and so it was under a cable contract.”

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He continued:

“So the show ‘Married With… Children’ has made over a billion dollars, and we didn’t really get a piece of that. So that’s sort of the backbone of this story. That part is true.”’

David Faustino didn’t specify whether he receives no royalties at all or if he gets a small amount. Either way, he still doesn’t receive what he should. In the interview, he mentioned Star-ving, his web series on Crackle that he created and starred in alongside Corin Nemec. The storylines focused on Nemec and Faustino’s struggles in Hollywood. The TV series also talks about how some actors don’t get residuals, which was inspired by the actor’s experience with Married… With Children. It’s shocking to hear this since fans would expect the entire cast to receive millions each year given the popularity of the show.


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It sounds like Ed O’Neill had a different deal than his Married… With Children co-stars. According to The List, EdO’Neill makes $10 million annually thanks to Married… With Children and he was paid $13 million each season for seasons 9, 10, and 11. According to Page Six, Ed O’Neill got a great deal thanks to Bernie Brillstein, his manager. The deal even included a Porsche Carrera 4.

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O’Neill also has more money than his co-stars. When comparing the net worths of the Married… With Children cast, O’Neill has $65 million and Christina Applegate has $20 million, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. While David Faustino’s net worth is $6 million and some might think that it should be higher given his place in the industry, that is definitely enough money to live well.

What Royalties Are Other Sitcom Actors Paid? (According to Backstage.com)

  • $18 million annually: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • $250,000 for each episode: Will & Grace
  • $400 million for a syndication cycle: Seinfeld
  • $20 million annually: Friends

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While Faustino continued to work after Married… With Children, he didn’t play a character that got him as much attention as Bud Bundy. He took on a lot of voice work after his hit sitcom, which allowed him to keep making money, despite his lack of Married With Children residuals. He voiced the characters of Thesus in The Path of Atticus, Hella in Winx Club, and Dagur in Dragons: Race to the Edge.


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In 2009, Faustino talked about Starv-ing and how it was a darker look at how his career unfolded after Married With Children. He said,“This is a very twisted take on what I’ve been through all these years. It was a combination of typecasting and my own demons. There are roles I could have gotten, but there were just lots of opportunities that I just blew on my own.”

Inside David Faustino’s Time On Married… With Children

Even though David Faustino shared the truth about his Married… With Children residuals, he still speaks fondly of the sitcom and doesn’t seem to have any regrets. As he explained in his interview with NBC Washington, he was paid a high salary while starring in the TV series.

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In an interview with Pop Goes The Culture TV, Faustino talked about being cast in his iconic role of Bud Bundy. He explained that he auditioned at the age of 12 and started acting at three. He ended up auditioning twice.


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Even though Ed O’Neill appears to have made more money from Married… With Children than David Faustino, Faustino interviewed O’Neill on Old Scratch Radio, his radio show. They talked about their memories and Faustino said:

“I wanted to talk about how much we had on that set… We’ve all worked a lot since then but there was something really special about that set, was there not?”

As the actor mentioned, he kept acting after Married… With Children, and he kept earning money. But he looks back fondly on the sitcom, like the other talented actors.

In an interview at Comic Con Baltic, Fautino shared more about playing Bud Bundy. He said, “Married… With Children was one of the greatest, greatest, greatest sets to work on of all time… It wasn’t like a job… It was a very loose set and I think that’s what really, really, really led to the success.”

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