CBR Minor Hockey Member Has Died


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Walsh Lincoln

Walsh Lincoln Death News

On July 7, 2010, in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Lincoln Walsh was born. Logan Walsh grew up with Lauren Walsh. He was Mark Walsh’s son and Jennifer Walsh’s mother. At Holy Cross Junior High School in Holyrood, he was enrolled in grade 8. Lincoln Walsh played defense for the CBR Renegades Peewee A squad because he loved hockey. Lincoln Walsh Newfoundland wore the number four jersey because of his abilities, good sportsmanship, and leadership both on and off the ice. His other favorite activities were motorcycling, camping, fishing, and hanging out with loved ones. After a funeral liturgy at Holy Cross Church in Holyrood, Lincoln will be buried in the Holy Cross Graveyard on October 21, 2023.

Walsh Lincoln Death News

Lincoln Walsh died in a zip line accident in his friend’s Holyrood Garden on October 16, 2023. It was said that when the zip line snapped while he was on it, he tumbled to the ground. Following the Lincoln Walsh Zipline Accident, he was transported to the Janeway Kids Hospital in St. John’s where he succumbed to his injuries, including a significant brain injury. Lincoln Walsh’s story touched the hearts of many who knew him, and many shared their sadness about his demise. His peers, other athletes, teachers, trainers, and students expressed their condolences and sadness on social media platforms and in person.

People lament the passing of a Lincoln Walsh Newfoundland that they knew with great sadness. CBR Junior Hockey, a hockey organization, announced his passing on Facebook. The Peewee A team’s Lincoln Walsh passed away in an accident. Lincoln was an amazing young man who played hockey with skill and passion. He was a fantastic player. The team members said their friend farewell with deep regret. The players are missing Walsh. Several hockey teams have sent their sympathies and prayers to Lincoln Walsh’s family and loved ones.


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