Before The Scandal, Sean Diddy Combs Surprised Fans During His Acting Talents On Hawaii Five-0


  • Diddy received praise for his acting on Hawaii Five-0 and CSI: Miami, showing real talent in a new arena.
  • Despite his successful music career, Diddy considered transitioning to acting full-time thanks to positive experiences.
  • Diddy has now shifted his focus, praising his daughter Chance for pursuing an acting career inspired by him.

Despite all the allegations, Diddy still refuses to quit social media. The rapper is involved in quite a media storm at the moment. His past success seems to be forgotten about, and that includes his acting history.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at some of his acting credits from the past, which included Hawaii Five-O and CSI: Miami. We’ll reveal Diddy’s experiences during the projects, and what the feedback was. Surprisingly, Diddy received praise for his time on the shows.

We’re going to reveal what was said, and what the future holds for Diddy’s daughter Chance, who is also interested in an acting career.


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Diddy Gave A “Convincing” Performance During His Cameo On Hawaii Five-O

That’s right, back in April of 2011, Diddy appeared on an episode of Hawaii Five-0. The episode titled ‘Ho’opa’i (Revenge)’ received a strong rating on IMDb, with 7.9 stars out of 10.

Reviews were very positive, calling Diddy “convincing” on Hawaii Five-0. Blast Magazine wrote, “His performance was emotional and convincing. He showed attitude and angst and looked more like an actor than a rapper Monday evening.”

“Combs was good, and young up-and-comer Kwesi Boakye, the great-grandson of a Ghana West African king, was amazing, playing Combs frightened-yet-brave young son.”

IMDb explained the episode plot, “Five-0 turns up the heat on a crime boss after the safe house of an undercover police officer who infiltrated his organization is compromised and his wife is killed.”

For Diddy himself, the experience was all great. Though he wishes he stayed longer in Hawaii during the shoot.

He tells CBS during an interview, “I’m going to come back here for a vacation. I was only here one other time for a concert. Now I have to shoot for four days and then I get back for rehearsals. I’m on tour.”

It was a quick trip for Diddy, who didn’t get to explore, but he added that he met some great people during his brief time on the show.


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It turned out to be a positive experience for Diddy and at one point during his career, the rapper considered a full-time switch to acting.

Diddy Was Also Feeling Optimistic About His Brief Time On CSI: Miami, And Even Relocated To LA Pursuing Acting

Over a decade ago, Diddy also discussed his time on CSI: Miami. The collaboration started off with Diddy simply telling CBS he had an interest in playing a lawyer. A day later, he already got a call to appear on the show.

Diddy recalls, “25 hours later, [saying] they were going to write me a part into ‘CSI: Miami.’ It was truly a blessing.”

Diddy especially enjoyed the role, given how different it was compared to what he was used to. “I play this lawyer, almost all the time I get everyone off. It’s like, I set up one of my clients to get off one of my other clients, but nobody’s sure if I’m a good guy or a bad guy.”

Diddy looking upset
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He continues, “[There’s] a lot of that going back and forth with every one of the actors that are on ‘CSI: Miami,’ he continued. “Every actor, I’m really like their nemesis. Just playing a lawyer I had a great time. “Two days ago I did the courtroom scene and it was definitely a better feeling than actually being the defendant!”


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At the time of the gig, Diddy had an interest in exploring acting even further.

“I wanted to keep on studying and learning; working with great actors, directors, great shows,” he said. “I’ve never done a television drama. I’ve always wanted to play a lawyer. I didn’t want to play, like, a rap artist or a criminal.”

He added, “This is something I’m really working hard to learn and get better everyday. I just signed on to do a comedy — which I can’t say what it is. [But] you can see the range of things … getting my feet wet. That’s what it’s all about.”

In a separate interview, Diddy also expressed that he was moving to LA in order to continue his acting journey.

“Twelve months ago, I basically relocated to L.A. I still live in New York, but I’m bi-coastal…. I’m looking forward to 2012; it’s a huge transition for me out of music onto the big screen and continuing my legacy as a producer.”

Fast-forward to now, and things are very different for Diddy…

Diddy Praised His Daughter Chance For Pursuing A Career In Acting

Although Diddy’s days as an actor are done for, he did show praise towards his eldest daughter, Chance, who is pursuing an acting career.

Diddy wrote on Instagram, “Words can’t describe how proud I am to watch you go after and accomplish your goals!,” he wrote in the caption. Diddy continued, “GO CHANCE GO! I love you so much! @myfancychance.”

Chance herself revealed that her father’s life encouraged her to aim high.

“Growing up, we’ve always been around different artists and in the studio with our dad,” Chance told V Magazine. “Even though we don’t want to pursue music right now, just seeing his work ethic and persistence has definitely been a big contributor to the drive we have to pursue our dreams.”

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