Barbra Streisand Slammed Vicious Reports Against Her In An Old Interview With Rosie O’Donnell


  • Barbra Streisand expressed frustration with media portraying her negatively despite her success.
  • An interview with Rosie O’Donnell highlighted Streisand’s lack of Oscar nominations.
  • False tabloid reports of a feud with Celine Dion angered Streisand, who clarified the truth.

Even though most people seem to have forgotten, Rosie O’Donnell was one of the top talk show hosts during the ’90s. As a result, O’Donnell got to interview huge stars like Barbra Streisand at the height of her talk show host days.

Even though Streisand has enjoyed enough success during her music and acting careers that she became rich, that doesn’t mean that her life has been easy. One example of that is when Streisand spoke to O’Donnell, she lashed out about hurtful reports about her.

This article will take a look back at why Streisand felt members of the media made her look like a villain. After that, the article will look at an example of the kind of reports that outraged Streisand.

In 1997, Barbra Streisand appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show. As the resulting interview progressed, the subject of how the media treated Streisand came up. To say that Streisand seemed angry with the media is an understatement.

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As O’Donnell interviewed Streisand, she praised the singer and actor for being the first woman to win Best Director at the Golden Globes. The two women then began talking about how, despite winning that award for Yentl, Streisand wasn’t nominated in the same category at the Oscars.

What Academy Awards has Barbra Streisand won and been nominated for, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet?





Best Actress

Funny Girl



Best Actress

The Way We Were



Best Original Song

A Star Is Born



Best Picture

The Prince of Tides



Best Original Song

The Mirror Has Two Faces



After Streisand suggested that sexism likely played a role in her Oscars snub, O’Donnell suggested a possible additional reason she wasn’t nominated.

“When you’re so immensely gifted in so many areas, I think it’s so hard for people to continue to lift someone up who is already so much above them.”


Barbra Streisand Has Strict Rules During Interviews, And That Includes The Pronunciation Of Her Name

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As soon as those words left O’Donnell’s mouth, Streisand began expressing her frustrations with the media. Clearly agreeing with O’Donnell that people want to tear her down, Streisand calmly but passionately spoke about how the media tried to paint her as a diva.

“I hold the press responsible for this. I mean, more than the general public. Joseph Pulitzer had a great quote. He said that, ‘A cynical mercenary press will, in time, produce a people as base as itself.’ Another words, the self-projection of the writer onto us, people like us, you know, that we did this. They make up these stories that are not true.”

Streisand then went on to express her opinion of why members of the press made up scandalous stories about her.

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“It’s like as if, in order to stand tall, you have to stand on top of someone else and that’s not true. Is it?”

At this point, it briefly seemed like O’Donnell may have wanted to steer the conversation to another topic. Whether that was the case or not, it quickly became clear that Streisand wasn’t done expressing her anger with the news and gossip media.

Continuing to discuss the subject, Streisand offered another quote that indicated that she’d lost all faith in the press.


Barbra Streisand Told Stephen Colbert The Real Reason She Stopped Doing Interviews

Barbra Streisand finally revealed why she doesn’t do many press interviews nowadays.

“You know, I read something recently too. That Mother Teresa said that, um, she doesn’t read the news because she wants to know the truth. I thought that was quite profound.”

From there, Streisand and O’Donnell went on to talk about some interviews the star of Yentl had with The New York Times. According to Streisand, she had several pleasant interviews with the publication in which she got along with the interviewer. However, Streisand claims The New York Times never ran the interviews because they didn’t paint her in a negative light.

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After that remark, Streisand and O’Donnell began to wrap up their discussion on how the media affects people. However, before the interview could move on, Streisand encouraged people to push for changes in the media and privacy laws.

“The people have to fight back. The people have to fight back. We all do cause we’re so powerful. I mean, each and every individual, you know? Get people elected, change laws because of Princess Diana’s death, let’s say, something may happen now in terms of privacy laws.”

The Kind Of News Stories That Angered Barbra Streisand

The same year that Barbra Streisand appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, she was also interviewed by Barbra Walters. While the majority of that interview focused on Streisand’s love life, a portion of it focused on a big tabloid story at that time.


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Around that time, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion had collaborated on a hit song called “Tell Him”. However, before that song was released, the media had reported that Streisand and Dion had been feuding.

The basis for that report was what happened when Dion performed “I Finally Found Someone” during the Oscars. That song was co-written and originally recorded by Streisand. For that reason, the media found it remarkable that Streisand left the auditorium during Dion’s performance and concluded there was bad blood between the singers.

While talking to Walters, Streisand insisted there never was a feud between her and Dion. Instead, Streisand explained that the reason for her absence was that she had no idea when Dion was going to perform.

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“They don’t have it printed in the program when the songs are. And, so I went when I thought was during and intermission, come back and the songs over. Now, I was heartbroken because I knew that this would be a wonderful moment on television. To have her singing, flash to me next to me beside my love, Jim Brolin, of a song that I wrote called ‘I Finally Found Someone'”

Streisand continued, “This is a wonderful moment to capture on tape. Right? Why would I miss it? Is the press this cynical? To make up a story that I would have deliberately done this to her.”

According to Nicki Swift, there are lots of other
celebrities that Barbra Streisand allegedly can’t stand
. The outlet listed Donald Trump, Larry Kramer, Walter Matthau, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Young, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Harvey Weinstein as other celebrities Streisand has feuded with.

It has to be noted that Celine Dion has also refuted any claims that she and Streisand have ever feuded. In fact, Dion even told the Huffington Post that if people want to call her a diva, that is fine with her if it means she is held in the same regard as Streisand.

“Some people say that being a diva isn’t such a good thing. Others say it is. All I know is that if my name is mentioned in the same company as Barbra Streisand, that’s a wonderful compliment,”

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