Almost In Her 60s, Joey’s Ex-Girlfriend On Friends Elle Macpherson Had Fans Buzzing Over Her Look In A Recent Interview


Looking back, Elle Macpherson was among a small list of guest stars that regretted their role on Friends. She wasn’t ready for this type of spotlight and as we’ll reveal in the following, she never expected for the show to be popular all these years later. Despite the experience, she still didn’t mind her kiss with Matt LeBlanc on the show.

We’ll look back on her time with the Friends cast, while also taking a look at her modeling career. Elle Macpherson has discussed her thoughts on the way the industry has changed. We’ll reveal what she had to say, and why the fans were talking following her interview alongside This Morning. Inching closer to 60, fans were praising Elle Macpherson on her ageless look. Let’s reveal how the actress looks nowadays.

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Elle Macpherson and Matt LeBlanc
The Things

Elle Macpherson made a name for herself in the world of modeling, however, she also has some notable roles in Hollywood. Among the more memorable includes a cameo in Batman & Robin, however, none of other roles get more attention that her time on Friends. Macpherson took on the role of Janine Lecroix, appearing in five episodes between 1999 and 2000.

Although appearing as a guest star on Friends was a huge deal, the actress felt differently about the experience given that it put a massive spotlight on her. She revealed that had she known the popularity of the show all these years later, she might’ve reconsidered the role.

“If I’d known how important it was in the US, or how long it would be shown on TV, I may not have chosen to do it. It was a lot of pressure, if you look at in the way that it’ll be around for 20 or 30 years,” she tells TV Week.

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The model would go on to admit that her son’s friends still think she’s on the show. “Cy’s friends are always like ‘Oh, you know Cy’s mum, she’s on Friends.’ They haven’t figured out it was nearly 20 years ago. They think I’m still on Friends.”

Despite the success during the cameo, Elle stuck to modeling for the most part. Nowadays, she’s doing great and has the fans talking for her ageless look.

Elle Macpherson Had Fans Talks For All The Right Reasons During Her Recent Interview With

During her interview alongside The Morning, the hosts brought up the fact that Macpherson had been in the modeling world for five decades. That is truly remarkable. Along with her longevity, Elle discussed the fact that she almost entered the world of law instead. She had only entered modeling for financial independence at the start, but given the money she was making at the time, it would lead to an actual career for the star.

Fans were nothing but positive assessing her time in the interview. Almost 60, fans were praising Macpherson’s ageless look. One fan writes, “Elle looks stunning, but over & above, she is so smart & thoughtful, she is an inspiration to everyone.”

Another fan comments, “How is Elle almost 60? 🤯she looks gorgeous.”

The interview can be seen below posted by This Morning on YouTube.

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Given her longevity and experience in the world of modeling, she had a lot to say about the current state of the industry, especially in terms of its improvements.

Elle Macpherson Made A Name For Herself In Modeling, And Appreciates The Way The Industry Transitioned

Elle Macpherson

For Macpherson, her involvement in modeling was a positive one for various reasons. Not only did it allow her to be independent, but it would also lead to lots of traveling.

“It’s been a beautiful means to an end for me because I travel, I’m independent and I have had a large scope of a career because of it.”

She also spoke positively of how the industry has shifted nowadays compared to her heyday. Elle calls it a major benefit that aspiring models can get their names out there thanks to social media. In her day, it was the exact opposite as models were encouraged to stay away from the spotlight.

“[In the past] the more iconic you were, the more distanced you were from your public, the greater your success. Today, the more relatable you are, the more connected you are to your public, the greater your success.”

“Have been the girls that have been willing to get off the pedestal, and come back down to earth, and start working with businesses that really resonate with them. So that they can talk about who they are and what they believe in, in everyday ways, instead of having to be like a rock star,” she explained.

Given her extensive history on both TV and modeling, Macpherson has an impressive net worth valued at $95 million.


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