A Traumatizing Scene On The Big Bang Theory Caused Mayim Bialik To Be Out Of Work For A Month


  • Mayim Bialik had a hard time filming an emotional scene for The Big Bang Theory due to her past failed marriage, causing her to feel a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Bialik also had a difficult experience shooting an intimate scene with Jim Parsons, who was sick at the time. She had to gargle peroxide in between takes to avoid getting sick.
  • Johnny Galecki had an emotional experience during a bullying scene on the show, which brought up past memories and made him cry. However, it allowed him to connect with his character on a deeper level.

At the start, the showrunners and writers weren’t exactly sure about Mayim Bialik and her character Amy. Trying to be like Sheldon was a major risk – but ultimately, she proved to be the perfect fit.

Even when it seemed like the writers might’ve been unsure about her character, Jim Parsons made it a point to protect his co-star, ensuring she was staying put.

The two had so many memorable scenes on The Big Bang Theory. However, a particular scene during the season 11 finale proved to be problematic for Mayim Bialik.

We’re going to reveal what took place, and why Bialik was forced to take time off. In addition, we’ll take a look back at other traumatizing experiences that took place on set for the cast.



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Filming Amy’s Wedding Caused An Emotional And Physical Breakdown For Mayim Bialik Behind The Scenes

The season 11 finale was a fan favorite among the audience as Amy and Sheldon finally tie the knot. However, behind the scenes, it was a different reality for Amy Bialik in particular. Given her failed marriage in the past, it brought back emotions she had not expected.

It proved to be a scene Bialik had a hard time filming. The actress revealed, “As a divorced woman, it’s hard to revisit that moment and those decisions. It’s still painful to think about putting on the dress you take vows in. The dress that is in every picture of the perfect happy life you think you will have when you’re young and getting married.”

As if the scene wasn’t hard enough, Bialik tried losing weight on the road to the show’s finale. This would lead to bacterial illnesses. When it finally came time to shoot, Bialik wasn’t feeling too great.

“I didn’t feel my best. And I felt crummy about it. Even though everyone said I looked beautiful, I didn’t feel completely beautiful.”


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Ultimately, looking back, it wasn’t the only problematic scene to shoot between Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons.

Mayim Bialik Also Had A “Risky” Experience Shooting An Intimate Scene With A Sick Jim Parsons

Mayim Bialik was forced to gargle peroxide in-between takes during a kissing scene with Jim Parsons. As if the intimate scene wasn’t stressful enough for the two, Jim Parsons came down with a cold. Parsons recalls the awful details of that particular day.

Bialik and Parsons
via CBS

“I was sick with something, like a bad respiratory cold. And it was ironic because I always took care of myself, and here I am sick during one of the very rare times I have to kiss her. And kiss her several times because I knew we’d have to do several takes. I was like, This is unbelievable! I felt bad about it, I really did.”

Parsons continues, “Mayim is always very game and never one to worry about those things too much, although she did have some sort of thing that she was gargling every time we did a take.”


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Bialik confirmed that she did in fact use peroxide in-between takes, and felt for her co-star who was obviously under the weather.

“The man was visibly sweating and feverish, so I rinsed with peroxide in between every kiss, every scene, every take, so that I wouldn’t get sick. It’s such a great scene, and it turned out so great, but it was a really hard night.”

At the very least, the scene proved to be a hit despite the struggles behind the scenes.

Johnny Galecki Also Had An Emotional Experience During A Bullying Scene On The Big Bang Theory

This “traumatic” experience took place during season one for Johnny Galecki. In the episode, The Middle Earth Paradigm, Leonard is bullied and humiliated by Penny’s ex-boyfriend, Kurt. The scene itself brought back some tough memories for the actor.

Galecki admitted that during the scene, he started to cry, overcome with emotions from his past.

Johnny Galecki
via Instar

“Him picking me up as Leonard really affected me to the point where I think I cried after we shot the episode … It really dug up some old schoolyard stuff for me.”

Once again, a positive came out of the difficult scene as according to Galecki, it made him connect with Leonard on a deeper level.

“I had a way into Leonard and really began to understand him.”

Galecki proved to be the perfect fit as Leonard. To think that he was almost cast as Sheldon instead… Thankfully, Galecki realized he wasn’t right for the role, and opted for Leonard instead. His chemistry alongside Jim Parsons proved to be a pivotal for the show’s long-term success.

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