A Former SNL Fan Nearly Took Down Jimmy Fallon And Lorne Michaels In A Controversial Lawsuit


  • Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, and Tracy Morgan were accused in a lawsuit of enabling Horatio Sanz’s alleged assault
  • The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.
  • Sanz’s anonymous accuser, a former SNL superfan, spoke out about her experiences and claimed to have had an inappropriate relationship with Sanz.

In the decades since Saturday Night Live premiered, the show has become a Hollywood stepping stone. As a result, many of Saturday Night Live’s former stars have become rich, including Jimmy Fallon who became a talk show host thanks to the sketch comedy show.

Sadly for some SNL alumni, however, starring in the show can be difficult. In fact, Kate McKinnon even admitted she felt “embarrassed” and “ashamed” at one point when she was starring in SNL. Even with that in mind, it is shocking to learn about what Fallon and Lorne Michaels were once accused of in a lawsuit.

Jimmy Fallon And Lorne Michaels Were Accused Of Enabling Horrendous Behavior

In August 2021, a lawsuit was filed against the former Saturday Night Live star Horatio Sanz alleging that many years earlier he’d forced himself on a then 17-year-old. Roughly a year later, the anonymous plaintiff petitioned the court to add Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Fallon, and Tracy Morgan as co-defendants.

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The lawsuit alleged that Lorne Michaels and other SNL employees knew or should have known about what Sanz did to the plaintiff. As a result, the lawsuit named NBCUniversal as a co-defendant from the start.

To be completely clear, the lawsuit never claimed that Fallon, Morgan, or Michaels forced themselves on the plaintiff. However, the lawsuit did claim they had some responsibility for what happened because they allowed the events to happen.


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If the trio were allowed to become co-defendants as the plaintiff was asking for, the headlines almost certainly would have been incredibly damaging. With that in mind, it begs an obvious question. How were Fallon, Michaels, and Morgan able to walk away from the lawsuit mostly unscathed?

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The reason why the three men remain successful is simple. They were never named as co-defendants. On top of that, the lawsuit they were in danger of being involved with didn’t go forward at all.

In November 2022, the lawsuit against Sanz and NBCUniversal was dismissed. As a result, there was no reason for the court to rule on whether Michaels, Morgan, and Fallon could be added to a lawsuit.

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It wasn’t the court that opted to dismiss the lawsuit. Instead, it was the plaintiff and the co-defendants that mutually agreed to dismiss the lawsuit. On top of that, the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice as a court filing revealed.

“All claims asserted by Plaintiff Jane Doe … are hereby dismissed with prejudice, without costs and attorneys’ fees to any party or against any other party.”

When a lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice, that means that the plaintiff isn’t allowed to refile the matter. That meant that the matter was over without Fallon, Michaels, or Morgan ever being named as co-defendants. At the time, the lawyer for the plaintiff explained the decision to drop the matter without giving any details.


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“The parties have resolved their dispute and have moved on.”

Long before the lawsuit came to an end, NBCUniversal told People they were seeking to have the matter dismissed. “Regardless of Jane Doe’s changing narratives, NBC intends to renew its motion to dismiss.”

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At that time, People asked Fallon, Michaels, and Morgan for any kind of statement on the allegation. However, the publication never heard back from anyone involved with the three men. On the other hand, lawyers for Sanz categorically denied the allegations against him.

In a statement provided to People in 2022, Sanz’s lawyers called the accusations against their client “categorically false”. Earlier in 2021, Sanz’s lawyers released a longer statement on the matter that expressed the same idea.

“This individual’s claims about Horatio Sanz are categorically false. However often she repeats her ludicrous allegations or tries to rope in other high-profile names to generate media attention, they will always be false. Before filing this lawsuit anonymously, she demanded $7.5 million in exchange for her silence. We, of course, refused and will vigorously contest these totally meritless claims.”

Horatio Sanz’s Accuser Was A Former Saturday Night Live Superfan

When the lawsuit that was filed against Horatio Sanz and NBCUniversal was dismissed, that was the end of the matter, legally speaking. However, the accusations against Sanz later resurfaced in March 2023 when his anonymous accuser spoke to ABC News.



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According to ABC News’ article, Sanz’s accuser discovered Saturday Night Live when she was 11 years old. Instantly amazed by the show’s concept and comedy, the accuser created a website dedicated to SNL that became popular.

Wanting to become closer to the show she loved, the accuser managed to get tickets to attend several SNL tapings. While ABC News’ article doesn’t detail exactly how, the accuser was somehow able to attend several of SNL’s much-talked-about after-parties.

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According to what the accuser told ABC News, she met Sanz when she was only 15 years old. Despite her extremely young age, the accuser told the publication she had instant chemistry with Sanz, who was an adult.

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“[Horatio and I] had instant chemistry the first time that we met,” Jane Doe told ABC News. She was fifteen at the time. “In hindsight, it was totally inappropriate. It was totally disgusting.”

After their first meeting, the accuser and Sanz began socializing regularly. The accuser provided ABC with several photos of herself with Sanz, Lorne Michaels, and other SNL cast members. It also is important to note that Sanz hasn’t denied knowing the accuser.

According to what the accuser told ABC News, she abandoned her fan website after Sanz forced himself on her.

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