A Big Bang Theory Guest Star Admitted He Had A “Weird Experience” Shooting The Final Episode And Ended Up Skipping The After Party


  • Brian Posehn found the finale of The Big Bang Theory “weird” due to his sporadic appearances on the show.
  • Despite this, Posehn is open to reviving his character, Bert, on the show at any point in the future.
  • Kevin Sussman was also a priority guest star for the finale, with showrunner Steve Holland proud of the final episode’s outcome.

The main cast was a pivotal part of The Big Bang Theory’s success, but on the flip side, the supporting players also made a major impact. Among those stars included Brian Posehn.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at Brian’s contributions, and why he called the finale weird. We’ll also reveal his thoughts on the potential of being involved in a reboot, while highlighting other important supporting actors on The Big Bang Theory.

Let’s take a closer look.


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Brian Posehn Had A Weird Experience During The Emotional Big Bang Theory Finale Given His Sporadic Appearances

It was an emotional experience for the main cast as they said goodbye to the show after 12 successful seasons. However, certain stars felt differently about the final episode. Speaking alongside The Show in Rock 105.3, Brian Posehn discussed his personal experience during the finale. It was different for the actor who appeared on the show sporadically. Thus, there wasn’t an emotional attachment comparable to the main cast.

Posehn said of the finale, “It was weird for me because I wasn’t that connected. I’m there a couple of times a year, but this was there thing. It was a weird experience to watch other people sob.”

He adds, “It would be weird if I was sobbing. The guy that’s here twice a year is sobbing,” Brian jokingly said.

The actor would go on to reveal that he didn’t attend the after party, given that it “wasn’t his thing.” Posehn instead thanked the “geeky writers” for making him a part of the final episode.

Posehn’s thoughts on The Big Bang Theory start at the 8:12 mark below.



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Despite the “weird” final episode, Brian is open to reviving his role on the show at any point.

Despite His Sporadic Appearances, Brian Posehn Is Open To Reviving His Big Bang Theory Character

Posehn would jump and any chance to play Bert again on TBBT. Although some actors struggle with that style of comedy on a sitcom, Brian revealed he had a blast with it.

“If it’s two years from now, 20 years from now, I had a blast. Not everybody loves sitcoms, and even, in particular, that sitcom. I did. I had a great experience doing ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ I love that style of comedy. I love a lot of different types of comedy, but the sitcom format is so classic. I feel like it can still be funny. I enjoyed that show. I would do that show or shows like it again.”

Brian Posehn, Comic
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Posehn admitted it took a bit of time to get comfortable on the show. He admitted with Mayim Bialik, “I’d had some shows where not everybody was cool, and everybody was at your show, but it took me a while to come out of my shell.”

He continues, “That’s been a big thing for me my whole life. Do I feel comfortable around people enough to start to make jokes? Because that didn’t always fly and some people would go, ‘You’re dark,’ or, ‘You’re weird.’ You hear that enough, you’re just like, ‘OK, well, I’ll just keep that s*** to myself and just get through this.'”

It all worked out in the end, as he became a popular recurring character in the series.

Kevin Sussman Was Another Priority Guest-Star For The Big Bang Theory Finale

Alongside EW, showrunner Steve Holland answered burning questions about the series finale. In particular, Holland discussed which guest stars were a priority for the final episode. Holland revealed that Kevin Sussman was on that list given his contributions over the years.

Kevin Sussman
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“We knew we wanted Kevin Sussman (Stuart Bloom) to be part of the finale because he’s such a part of the show. But we really wanted it to be focused on the main cast. This was our chance to say goodbye. It’s the audience’s chance to say goodbye. We didn’t want to fill it up with a bunch of returning guest stars.”

Ultimately, Holland was very proud of the final episode, one that got great feedback from the audience.

“Incredibly proud of it. This has been a thing we have been thinking about for a long time. It’s been weighing heavy on all of us. We really wanted to do the end of this show justice, and the end of these characters justice. So that certainly has been a bit of stress for the last few months. To watch it all come together as well as it did is really rewarding.”

It turned out to be among the top finales, and one that did not disappoint.

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