32-year-old man found murdered in his rented room in Kota

In today’s news, a case involving a guy found dead in a leased room is discussed. The victim’s father claims his deceased partner was the cause of his death. Continue reading this post to learn more about this news. The father of a man who was found dead in a rented room claims that his live-in partner’s absence is to blame. In Kota, a 32-year-old guy who was originally from Madhya Pradesh was found dead in his leased room. His flatmate is the main suspect and is currently evading capture. The police said on Friday that they found a 32-year-old guy who was originally from Madhya Pradesh dead in his rented room, with signs pointing to a possible stone attack.

32-year-old man found murdered in Kota

The man had been living in the city’s Nanta Police Station with a female girlfriend when this occurrence happened. Authorities said the female partner has gone missing and has not been found. The police have designated an unidentified person as the focus of a murder investigation. The father of the victim has accused the live-in girlfriend of his son of being the murderer and claims she has left the scene. The victim’s body was given over to his father by the police on Friday morning following a medical board post-mortem inspection.

The dead body of a guy called Naresh Tanwar, who was from Khedi-Ghaat in the Khandwa district, was found in a room in Ganesh Colony late on Wednesday night, according to Station House Officer Mukesh Meena. Meena added that a supposedly utilized heavy stone that was thought to be related to the crime was also taken out of the room. The SHO stated that a lock had been placed on the room where Tanwar was discovered dead. The landlord notified the police on Wednesday night, revealing the details of the murder case.

Meena went on to say that the police have started an investigation and filed a murder charge under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code against an unnamed individual. They are also aggressively trying to find and arrest Tanwar’s live-in girlfriend. The father disclosed that his son had been wed and had two kids when he arrived in Kota on Thursday night. His son had started living with a married woman, who had two kids of her own, about two months prior. Tanwar, a daily wage laborer, had been living with the woman at Ganesh Colony for the previous ten days, according to the father’s version.

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