17-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Playing Garba In Kheda, Gujrat

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Boy Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Playing Garba

Boy Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Playing Garba

At the location of the boy’s death, the Garba organizers honored him with a two-minute silence. In support of his family, they also decided to postpone the Garba celebration for the entire day. On the sixth day of the Navratri celebrations in Gujarat’s Kheda district, a 17-year-old boy passed away after an unexpected cardiac attack while participating in Garba. Volunteers took him to the hospital and started CPR on him, but upon arrival, the doctors pronounced him dead. On Friday, while playing Garba at a Kapadvanj field, the kid, identified as Veer Shah, complained of dizziness and passed out.

On the sixth day of the festival in Kapadvanj, Kheda district, 17-year-old Veer Shah unfortunately passed away while performing the lively Garba dance. This happened just as the Navratri celebrations got underway. “A 17-year-old boy, Veer Shah, was playing Garba at the Garba venue in Kapadvanj when he complained of discomfort and became unresponsive,” said Dr. Aayush Patel, MD, who provided the facts. He received quick attention from a group of volunteers who conducted a cardio-respiratory resuscitation. We checked his vitals and there was no pulse. There were no symptoms of breathing or reaction. Three rounds of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) were administered to him. We transported him by ambulance to a hospital. Still, the hospital pronounced him dead.”

Veer Shah’s home town was rocked by the unexpected news of his death, and the locals were left feeling hopeless. The news of Veer’s untimely death reached his father, Ripal Shah, who was unaware of the tragedy that was taking place. When the tragic event occurred, Ripal Shah and his wife were deeply involved in the joyous Navratri celebrations at another Garba venue in Kapadwanj. Bereaved Ripal Shah begged the celebrants to be careful, saying, “Be careful playing Garba, do not continue playing it without rest.” Ripal Shah was distraught. Today, I lost my child, and I hope that no one else experiences anything similar.”

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